Are you using Facebook just to show pictures of your dog or your latest car to your friends and acquaintances? Well, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, Facebook is a social networking tool, and you can indeed use it to socialize with others.

But did you know that a few smart people are using Facebook to make money too. I am not talking about just a few hundred dollars here. People are literally making thousands of dollars using some of the cool features of Facebook. The neat thing about using a social networking tool like Facebook for making money is that the platform is already wired for viral marketing. People in marketing always understand the power of leakage that comes through networking. And when it comes to Facebook, networking is the strongest feature of this platform. So it really makes sense to use Facebook for Internet marketing, as it already has a powerful networking mechanism in place.

So if you are using Facebook just to post messages and to stare at other people's walls, try using it for something more interesting – to make money.

There have been earlier attempts to make money on Facebook, but all of them involved spending a lot of money on Facebook ads. But now, there is a much simpler way which involves no investment whatever. You may already know that Facebook has something called Fan pages through which you can promote your products or services. All you need to do is create a lot of Fan Pages, and then promote affiliate links through them. The concept is so simple, some people might overlook the power inherent in the system.

A few people have started using this strategy and are getting really good results. Since you would be using the Facebook platform, you do not need a website or any other kind of infrastructure to run your business. And you do not need special technical knowledge either. If you have been using Facebook, then you already possess the know-how to implement this strategy.

Facebook allows you to create any number of Fan pages. There is absolutely no restriction on the number of Fan pages that you can have on Facebook. And that is precisely what you need. You can now create a series of Fan pages, promote affiliate links through them, and create a number of profit streams for your business. It is that simple.

Source by Paul Madson