The lure of working at home on the Internet through affiliate marketing or network marketing is exciting. The idea of ​​making money easily from the comfort of your home is one that get most people flocking to the Internet looking for that one program that will catapult them to success. When one program does not work, they buy another … and another. They keep doing this because the last program did not work fast enough. Either that or people just give up after a few weeks. Are you one of those that are still looking for the magic program? I have a secret for you. The secret is that the magic is not in the program, the magic you seek is within you. The secret to success in affiliate marketing, network marketing or any other home based business is DOING the work regardless of the results you see at this moment.

Businesses online are just like businesses in the brick and mortar world. They require time to mature and be successful. Your home based business opportunity requires the same time and requires your daily dedication to go about doing the work that is necessary to see it grow. Do you think a store owner simply sets up shop, turns the lights on and is instantly making profits? No, of course not. Yet that is what most people believe will happen as soon as they start a web home based business. When they do not see the profit right away they immediately give up what they are doing, to try what the next flashy sales page has to offer.

Take a look at the successful people in home based businesses and brick and mortar businesses. They all have one thing in common that stands out above their success. Their ability to continue doing what was necessary to move their businesses forward and prosper. If you are in network marketing for example, it may mean hearing a hundred "No's" before you get that first "Yes". How many stop after they have been told 75 times "no"? The same with affiliate marketing. It is going to take hundreds if not thousands of visitors before that first sale is made. Getting that traffic takes work and yet most people will simply stop before seeing any movement to their site.

The magic program is within you to keep going forward since the fact that what you see at this moment is not progress. Keep building traffic, keep writing those articles, keep asking people to join, keep asking for the sales despite the many "no's" and since the amount of traffic. In time something very wonderful and exciting is going to happen. Through all the doing and the work, you are going to go to one person and hear a "yes" or you are going to open an email and see those beautiful words "you have a payment". Then you know what is going to happen? You are going to keep doing what you do to see it happen again. Guess what? It gets easier, especially after that first sale or that first sign-up. Realize this right now if you are already in a work at home business or considering one at this very moment. Just like any business, you are going to have to work and work hard. But this work, working for yourself, building a future is so much more satisfying than working for someone else and trading time for money. You can DO this. You can be successful. You must keep at the business of DOING since the immediate results. I am reminded of this verse in Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Hindu scripture and one of the most revered spiritual literature – "Focus on the Doing, Not on the results." Ironically, this is the mantra for peace, happiness and liberation as well.

Source by Vishal P. Rao