Auto Blog Samurai is a new 3in1 software that is designed to build profitable blogs that are used to generate substantial affiliate profits month after month with just a few clicks of a mouse. In this Auto Blog Samurai review, I will be striving to help you answer the obvious question. Does Auto Blog Samurai really work, or is it just another online scam that never delivers on its promises? This is my unbiased Auto Blog Samurai review.

Auto Blog Samurai uses a software technology that integrates with Blogger and WordPress to help you create multiple income streams. Whether you are a newbie, small business owner, or a seasoned internet marketer, you can begin building blogs in only 11 minutes, and with just a few clicks of your mouse. Best of all, you do not need a website, domain, or technical experience to benefit from this software.

How Does Auto Blog Samurai Work?

When you fire up the software, you will first pick a niche or keyword. This program will research this niche or keyword, and automatically write and post content for you. The software will keep updating your blog on a daily basis. You will begin to benefit from free targeted traffic, as your blog and content are already SEO and keyword optimized. You just simply keep repeating this process to build multiple profit generating blogs.

This software is designed to assist online marketers in building a massive email list in the shortest time period possible. This will allow you to generate thousands of new subscribers, and a flood of new traffic to any offer that you are promoting.

This software is being offered for $77. However, you will need to pay attention to the fine print, as your purchase will automatically enroll you into their Premium Membership Level. You will receive this membership as free bonus for the first 30 days. After your 30 day free trial, this will be an additional monthly cost of $37.

In my opinion, Auto Blog Samurai is a legitimate blogging tool, and is not a scam. However, if you decide to purchase this software, you need to remember that a substantial investment of time and effort will be required in order to build the income that this product advertises. There is no software, program, or any other product that can ever deliver instant online income with just a few clicks and a few minutes per day. While blogs are a beneficial way of making money online, you never want to fall into the trap of only utilizing one online marketing strategy or tool. Building an online business requires a basic knowledge of many internet marketing skills, and a continuous ongoing effort of implementing these skills to drive an unlimited stream of traffic to whatever product or service that you are promoting. Successful online entrepreneurs never use just one tool or marketing strategy.

Source by Dave Fennell