The Auto Trading Robot App is supposedly one of the most effective binary options trading platform on the market today. The operational word in that previous sentence is “supposedly.” We know for a fact that the many ridiculous claims made by these gangsters just are not true. It is allegedly designed to allow us, the user, to pretty much create our own trading bot, one that is completely risk free to trade with. Yes people, apparently this is the first program in the world that can provide us with a 100% ITM rate.

Auto Trading Robot software also comes with a lackluster free demo account that you can use for free. Just beware because nothing is as it seems. While Auto Trading Robot trading software may seem legit and reliable on the surface, it is truly anything but that. We’re doing an Auto Trading Robot scam review and we are going to reveal exactly why this trading service is as dangerous as we say it is. There are a multitude of reasons why you need to stay away from this malicious trading platform! – 100% ITM

Auto Trading Robot Scam Software – The Free Demo

One of the things that we noticed right off the bat is that this free demo is total nonsense. We are told that Auto Trading Robot software comes with a free demo account that the user can utilize to see what trading with this particular software is like. It is like a little tutorial or presentation on it, a totally fabricated one to say the least. You see, the demo is not made to show you what trading with this program is like. In fact, the demo is designed to make it seem like the real program is amazing, while the reality is not quite so.

You see, all of the trades executed in the demo are fake, they are set up, and they are programmed to be winners. These trades use fake money, they take place in an imaginary market, and the results simply are not real. This demo thing is totally made up to make it look like Auto Trading Robot software works really well. These trades never actually happen and they have absolutely zero reflection on what trading BO in real life is actually like. In other words, this is just a cheap trick meant to lure you into investing your hard earned money with these thieving scammers.

Auto Trading Robot Scam App – Who Runs The Show?

One question that unfortunately remains unanswered is that of who is actually in charge here. During the whole presentation video for this ludicrous software, we are faced with nothing more than a cheap, faceless voice narrator. This guy is supposed to be the leader of it all, yet he never shows his face to us, nor does he ever tell us his name.

Heck, we are never even provided with a company name that the Auto Trading Robot app is related to, nor are we given any contact details. This program is completely in the dark and that means that we just cannot trust it. Any trading program that wants you to invest money, but does not tell you the real identities of the people in charge is undoubtedly a scam.

The only reason why these crooks would not tell us who they truly are is because they don’t want us finding out. They know darn well that their actions are illegal, that they are thieving criminals, and they simply want to stay out of jail. These criminals just don’t want you finding out who they are so when your money goes missing, you have no one to blame for it!

How Does Auto Trading Robot Trading Software Work?

The next obvious red flag glaring in our faces about this malignant tumor of a trading platform has to do with the way in which it works to make trades. We have honestly never seen such a dumb program before. On the website, it is advertised that we can actually create our own trading robot here. We aren’t sure if that just means picking the trading strategies and parameters, which is something that every other trading program can do, or if it means that we are supposed to be computer programing experts.

The bottom line is that we are never told how this software actually works to make trades. Besides the fact that we can allegedly create our own trading program that works really fast and really well, we don’t really know what is going on here. What trading strategies, algorithms, and trading methods are in place here? These are all things that we really need to know if we are ever expected to invest any amount of cash with this program. Simply saying that Auto Trading Robot scam software works really well is not nearly a good enough explanation to gain our trust.

Auto Trading Robot App – An Amazing ITM Rate?

Yet another clear indication that the Auto Trading Robot app is a total rip off, has to do with the completely unrealistic ITM rate we are told it has. During the presentation video, the one with the fake narrators, we are informed that this program is totally risk free to use. What they mean to say in their convoluted lie is that when we use this program, not a single trade will ever be lost. They really do try to pull the wool over our eyes here.

A trading program that wins every single trade it executes, now wouldn’t that be amazing? Sure it would. It would be stunning, but that is also the reason why it is not true. What these clowns claim to be reality is nothing more than a figment of imagination. There is no trading software in the world that can muster those kinds of numbers. Winning every single trade made is totally unachievable, it has never happened before, and it will never happen.

For any trading software like Auto Trading Robot software to be able to win 100% of trades, it would literally have to be able to tell the future like an oracle and eliminate all variables and risk out of the equation. When it comes to market trading, there are way too many variables that can change and far too many unforeseen events that can change prices and effect trades. The bottom line is that it just is not possible to always win all trades. That truth is as true as 2 + 2 = 4!

Auto Trading Robot Scam Software – Scam Brokers

The final thing that needs mentioning when it comes to this horrible trading program, is that the brokers are equally as bad. If you did not notice, you are not told which broker you are going to be assigned to before you sign up. This is a really big issue for us. Luckily for you, we have the lowdown right here.

When you sing up with Auto Trading Robot software for an account, you are connected to a totally unregulated and unlicensed broker. These guys have no business handling your money and executing trades on your behalf. They are not legally allowed to do so. The only thing that these brokers are here to do is to steal your money. The very second you deposit money into your trading account, these guys will drain it and it put it right in their own pockets!

Auto Trading Robot Scam Review – THE VERDICT!

The obvious conclusion here is that Auto Trading Robot software is nothing more than a giant rip off meant to scam you out of every penny you have. Not a single thing that these jokers have told us is even remotely true or possible. Everything is a giant lie and that should be enough to make you pack your bags and run for the hills while you still have a fighting chance!

Review Verdict: Auto Trading Robot is a SCAM! 

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