Online business systems allow you to get an online business up and running, quickly and efficiently. Establishing systems can also allow you to earn money 24/7, while you sleep, while you’re on vacation or while you’re working on other money generating projects. Learning the types of business systems available online can help you create a  plan that earns you passive income and more income in general.

Turnkey Businesses Can Earn You Money

Turnkey online businesses are similar to brick-and-mortar franchise operations. If you purchase a turnkey business, you typically receive a custom website built for you. The website includes all of the products uploaded onto the site, the shopping cart system is put in place and you’re ready to open your online business.

With a turnkey business, the foundation is set for you, but you are responsible for marketing and driving traffic to the website. Some turnkey online business systems process the orders for you by drop shipping the items ordered. Other systems require you to process the customer’s credit card, but still drop ship the order on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about product inventory.

Information Product Sales are also Successful

If you’re selling a service, then you’re selling information. Producing and selling information products is one online system you can put into place to generate ongoing income. Some examples of information products include teleseminars, webinars, CDs and ebooks.

Teleseminars and webinars are recorded during the live session and then the recordings and any supplemental handouts that go along with the program can be sold repeatedly from your own business website and through other business websites. CDs and ebooks also require you to create the content one time and then you have the opportunity to sell it over and over again, which is all passive income.

Affiliate-type websites such as Clickbank and Amazon allow you to upload your information products to sell to the visitors of their websites. These websites also allow you to attract related business and website owners willing to sell your product through their own marketing efforts in exchange for a commission for each sale.

Extending Your Sales Force is Key

Setting up your own affiliate program is another online business system that allows you to extend your sales force with little to no effort on your part. Most online shopping cart software programs have the ability for you to establish an affiliate program. An affiliate sells your products and services, typically from their own online presence and using their own marketing efforts.

You agree to pay each affiliate a set percentage of each sale of your product. A payment schedule is typically monthly and can include a minimum amount be reached before the payment is sent.

Affiliate program marketing can be put on autopilot if the shopping cart system includes an affiliate feature. This allows affiliates to register for the program and obtain necessary affiliate links and banner codes automatically.

Some shopping carts take the automation process a step further by tracking affiliate sales, calculating affiliate payments and automatically generating payments and payment reports without you having to manually perform any of these functions.

Source by Morgan Leblanc