An Automated Forex Software Robot is a computer program that automatically negotiates for you on the Forex market. The computer monitors the market 24 hours a day you make trades for you when the time is right. A robot is an excellent medium of exchange, but there are 10 things you should know before choosing a program. 

1 – Installation : Installation program should be fast and easy. The best sellers for you to download the program and start immediately. Problems installing the program are a bad sign that could indicate trouble ahead. 

2 – Quick Start : the fast-start program with a video that puts you right now? Short video or audio clips are a great help in areas that may explain unclear. 

3 – Ease of use : the program should be intuitive and simple. T make sense to you? Is it easy to navigate through different screens? Do you understand the features quickly? Are the functions and controls grouped logically? 

4 – Quality of program logic : the logic of the brain, the most important part of any computer program that makes decisions. These decisions are based on a set of rules built into the system. Who developed these rules? These rules work well in a volatile market? 

5 – Cost : Develop high quality software requires a staff of experienced professionals. Expect to pay for and software quality. Remember, you use this system to make money very good quality software means more money in your trading account. 

6 – Demo Accounts : no software automated forex robot you can do in real time with a demo account? You need this feature to become familiar with the system. Here’s your chance to experiment with different options trading before committing money. 

7 – Your computer : Does this program run on your computer? Does the software require Windows XP or Vista is installed on your computer? 

8 – Your Internet Connection : The program run on your Internet connection? What are the bandwidth requirements? Are you able to leave your computer for 24 hours a day? If not, are there any other option as a hosted account so you can run the program without an Internet connection? 

9 – Support : What support is available if you have problems? Some suppliers offer chat and are able to solve all problems immediately. Other providers offer e-mail or an 800 number. Do all your support calls free? 

10 – Refund Policy : You want a refund policy that offers 60 days satisfaction or refund, no questions asked. A 60-day average reimbursement of 60 days to see for yourself if the software robot automated Forex is for you.

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Source by Anil Kumar Raju Addipalli