Forex trading software is big business and many naive traders think they are going too spend a few hundred bucks and earn an income for life with no effort but the reality is all the cheap Forex trading software packages you see sold lose money, here's why.

If you look at the claims made you are provided to be you will make 100 – 300 annual gains with little or no drawdown and if this was possible these Expert Advisors or Robots, as they like to be called, would be making more money than the worlds top traders who are on multi million pound salaries but none of these highly paid traders have been sacked and replaced by an automated Forex trading package and the reason is obvious; they do not work.

You can look for one but you wont find one, all you get are simulations going back knowing the closing prices or figures from the vendors who sell the system which strongly inspires confidence!

Its pretty obvious you do not get a better track record than the worlds super traders, for the cost of a night out and anyone who believes the hype and marketing copy, will end up with a loss of equity. The fact is that over 95% of traders lose money and if it were as easy as sitting back and having a beer, while your robot makes money for you, a lot more traders would win and of course they do not.

If you want to win at Forex trading take it seriously and do not think you will make money with no effort and accept you need to learn the basics and the skills to win. If you do get yourself a decent education there is nothing to stop you making a great second or even life changing income.

Source by Michelle Hendrix