It never ceases to amaze me how many automated forex trading systems seem to pop up every single week. It just seems that many new traders these days are looking for magical automated forex software to do all the analysis for them and make money so that they can live in the Bahamas and what not.

Hey, do not get me wrong here ok? I'm not saying that it's impossible. I'm just saying what I'm saying and I'm sharing what I'm seeing as the current trend.

To be really honest with you, the number of trader friends that I have that make a living from automated forex trading can be numbered with my fingers. It's not often that I hear someone with a truly successful automated forex trading system. Please prove me wrong and I'll do my best to get hold of that system.

Since the early days of trading, discretionary and manual trading has always been around and will always be as far as I can tell. With the advent of computers and advanced robotic systems, people are trying to bend the market so that their trading robots can make consistent profits from it.

I've also heard of huge banks that paid really smart programmers hundreds of thousands of dollars to design super automated trading systems for them. I've never heard of them after that.

Whatever you do, you should decide to further explore automated forex trading, just be wary of claims around the marketplace and always use money you can afford to lose to trade automatically and until you see consistent performance from those systems, do not bank on it .

Good trading to you as always and happy pipping!

Source by Kelvin Chan