Oh how nice life could be if one simply had a secret formula for making money while one slept. Its the universal dream shared by all and why not, because somewhere on this planet someone is growing richer as they snore through the night. For time eternal man has warned to turn lead into gold. Now with the advent of forex trading it looks that it finally is possible. The fact is, that there are certain factors that determine the value of the major treaties of the world. What are these factors, and if they are predetermined by someone, can they be loaded into a fool proof automated forex trading system?

What are they? – Do They Work?

What are automated forex trading systems and do they actually work? Also, what are the variables that are loaded in to them to drive their engines? Can one create their own automated forex trading system, using their own data that they have collected. Also, what about automated forex trading systems that one can find advertised on the Internet?

Bewildering to Comprehend

There are in fact, multiple conflicting answers to all of these questions and as father time slowing clicks by, forex trading and the variable that come to play in it only become more complex. Can climate change and all its innumerable implications be factored into an automated forex trading system?

One Commonality

Right now there are forex traders that are wagering millions on automated forex trading systems that have climate change data loaded into them. Are they making money? If they are, they are not telling. However; the one commonality that you will find in all automated forex trading systems is that they eliminate human emotion which can only be a good thing in any financial transaction. Regardless of the business that one is in, history has proven that when it is done emotionally it always leads to losses.

Source by Samuel Gibsten