Here is a question many people have: automated Forex trading, use a broker or try to do your own trades. Which one?

Automated Forex trading basically puts you in sync with the Forex market itself. Why? Because the Forex market is very liquid and fluid, and so is automated Forex trading. The Forex market operates 24 hours a day, and can change very, very quickly.

By engaging in automated Forex trading, you can place your trades based on trends you see and have them go through right when you want them to. In fact, you do not even have to sit there and watch continuously to place your trades right. Instead, you can tell your software when you want to place trades, and even when you want to get out of a particular trade based upon trends you see. By contrast, it may to slow you down significantly if you try to place trades manually or if you use a broker.

Some caveats:

Of course, Forex trading, just like any other type of trading, has its risks. It is true that once you know what you are doing, automated Forex trading lets you take advantage of the Forex market to the greatest degree. However, you do have to know what you are doing. For this reason, it is advised that you sign up for a demo account through one of the Forex brokers online, and practice until you know the Forex market well.

Do some study on the market and on the different types of analysis.

For example, it is advisable to study a couple of different types of analysis and learn them well in order to be able to spot trends in trades. One of these types of analysis is called fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis studies a particular country's social, economic and political health. Why is this important to Forex trading? Because if a particular country has stable social, economic and political health, its currency is likely to be "healthy" and stable, too. However, if a country's social, political and economic health is unstable, then it is likely that its currency is going to be significantly devalued and does not have enough power versus another currency. This is valuable information to know, because it can help you predict which currencies are going to do well against others, and therefore take your currency pairs based upon this knowledge.

Technical analysis is important, too. With technical analysis, you can spot trends in treaties and make trade decisions based upon them. If a currency has been performing well in the recent past, for example, it is likely that it is going to continue to do well. By contrast, if a currency has done poorly recently, it is likely that the trend is going to continue, too.

Once you have studied the Forex market, have opened up a demo account to practice with, and feel ready to do so, you are ready to start trading on your own. Automated Forex trading puts you right in the flow of things, so that you can trade in an instant, based on trends you see and, therefore, work with the Forex market instead of against it; this is what is going to help you see greatest profits. And because you do not have to be right there all the time to make trades instantaneously but instead can schedule your trades based on trends you want to work with, automated Forex trading is a great way to participate in the market. Check automated Forex trading out for yourself and decide if it is right for you.

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Source by Karielle Samstad