There is literally hundreds of automatic currency trading software being developed every day.

All promise you one thing: “making thousands of dollars every day trading forex automatically”. And for me this idea was quite intriguing. How can you make money so effortlessly and easily?

1. The Quest Begin

Then I put on my first quest to find out more about this program. I heard a lot of people have made a good living from this automatic currency trading software. I did a lot of research throughout the web and made some purchases.

2. The Results

The results all had failed to bring the promised results. From 10 programs I bought only 2 made me money. And those 2 programs only made a small amount of $340, not the numbers I would like to see.

I nearly gave up until one day I heard about Forex Auto Pilot. My first thought it was just another program designed to drain your pocket.

However, I thought: “well, I had nothing to lose after all. I will try this one program if it doesn’t work I simply will ask the seller for full refund since there are 8 weeks money back guarantee.

And the first time I tested it at my Meta Trader software, my jaw was dropped. In 3 hours, this program made me $779! Considering I didn’t do anything: just sat and took a coffee. I was quite happy with the result.

And in the prolonged weeks I made even more. Today I have made approximately $6000 per month from this program. Of course not every day will be a winning day. I had experienced a loss as much as $1700 in one day. But the net profit always more than the loss. Just try it and see yourself.

Source by Ricky Lim