Ava FX is a leading online forex broker with professional trading facilities.

Ava FX is a leading retail forex broker measured on security, facilities, financial backing and general code of conduct. Founded as a project by former industry people, many of whom from the marketing side, Ava FX has always been focused on providing a good customer experience. The background in marketing is evident in Ava FX, which is very customer friendly broker, with great customer service and an easy to use interface.

Ava FX is backed financially by a large European financial group with a top Standard and Poors rating. This is a good indicator for the financial health and success of the broker and means that Ava FX will continue to meet liquidity regulations. In preparation for this review I checked up on their finances and corporate structure and as far as I could tell, everything seems to run very well, even during the last years financial turmoil.

How about the forex trading platform and the terms of the broker?

I let my one of my good trader friends test Ava FX for two months. My friend is a former trader with a large and well known American online broker (as in industry leader) and now trades forex full time. His experience with Ava FX was, in his own words, very good, without any problems at all. There was no disconnect during trading, no slippage on news trading and no stop-loss hunting. All things that haunt many retail brokers and threaten profits of smaller individual traders.

I tested Ava FX customer service trough email as well as by phone and was quite pleased that they were quick to answer any questions I had, even a little more advanced questions. Generally a positive experience.

Ava FX is a market maker which means that they as a broker always buy a ’stock’ of currency as opposed to trying to fill orders directly. Trading with a market maker has the advantage that your order is filled immediately, because you actually by or sell with the market maker. This eliminates a common problem known as slippage, that you get when a non-market maker broker has to execute your trade directly on the market. During times of hectic trading, it can be difficult to get your order filled at or even close to your limit. Which is why a market maker is preferable for most traders.

Let’s look at some of the features of Ava Fx:

    * More than 20 currency pairs available as well as different commodities such as oil and gold
    * Forex signals directly to your mobile phone
    * No commission or fees, spread based.
    * Free fully functional demo trading account
    * Fixed spreads (No spread widening or stop loss hunting)
    * 24 Hour live support
    * Daily recommendations and analysis
    * Accepts all major credit cards and banking systems (Paypal etc.)
    * Mini accounts available from $100

Source by Huey Davis