Before we get started I would just like to thank Adrian Wright, Bethany Turner and Drake Ellington for making inquiries here at Objective Binary Options regarding their experience with the MockingBird Method which was recently released to the binary options market place. If it weren’t for your guys inquiry we wouldn’t be gathered here today to expose yet again another binary options scam that has burrowed itself deep within the binary options industry. With that being said let’s go ahead and move forward and exploit the MockingBird Method for the binary options software scam that it truly is.

MockingBird Method Scam Tactics Exposed

Just like the majority of binary option scams that we expose we found the MockingBird Method to be well-rehearsed in common scam marketing techniques. As you can see for yourself in the image below the MockingBird Method website offers a minimalistic and rather bare website design that is quite common among the low-profile binary option scams that we expose.

As you can see claims to be sold out but this is just a typical scam marketing tactic employed by the creators behind this scam in order to get you to provide your email where they will spam email you until you sign up with binary options software.

Now as you can see in the image below we have the members page of the MockingBird Method which is the page you will be redirected to if you provide them your email. Now unlike most binary option scams that have their main landing pages set up with ridiculous guarantees and awful pitch videos we noticed the members page shared these common characteristics which was rather smart on their behalf.

Perhaps one of the most ridiculous claims regarding the MockingBird method would be how they claim to have a success rate of 92% with over 8,791 investments placed. They also claim that you are only 8 clicks away from making up to over $1,000 every 7 minutes, which don’t get me wrong that sounds great and all but is far from the truth as I’m sure you all can insinuate for yourself. I’m sure you are all familiar with that saying that when something sounds too good to be true that it often is, well my friends this is exactly one of those cases!

Another common scam marketing technique that we found that the MockingBird Method scam employs would be the notorious backwards counter. You would think by now that these scammers would know better not to use this widget but luckily for us they don’t which only makes our job easier when it comes to exposing binary option scams such as

If you took the time to sign up with their product you will notice how the backwards counter starts with 50 membership spots left and will slowly go down all the way to 2 membership spots left. This is a common scam marketing tactic used by scam artists where they try to rush the viewer by making them nervous that there won’t be any membership spots left so that they hurry up and finish signing up with their product.

The last step that needs to be fulfilled before you are fully scammed by this binary options scam would be that you need to sign up and deposit with one of their so called recommended brokers. Now as you can imagine for yourself these brokers are all blacklisted and not reliable so as soon as you deposit your money into them you will more than likely never see that money again. Although the MockingBird Method may claim to be free this is where the scam marketers gets you because even though they are offering you the software for free they are receiving a rather handsome commission payment for your broker sign up and deposit.

To Conclude: Is MockingBird Method a Scam?

The MockingBird Method is nothing more than your typical run to the mill binary options software scam. If you are looking for a honest and legitimate way to make money online through binary options investing please feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected]!


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