The Cash365 software for binary options is a ludicrous get-rich-quick scheme! Every characteristic about is a scam and should be avoided at all costs unless you need to have a good laugh at just how stupid this scam truly is. Directed toward novice binary option traders, the real danger with the Cash365 scam would be the promotional video used to lure you in. The incorporation of paid actors along with stock and stolen images to serve as testimonials is irrefutable evidence that we are dealing with a scam built on lies. If you want to save a minimum of $250, make sure you read this review and we’ll debunk this money-making scheme down to the bones.

The promotional video for Cash365 was one of our biggest wastes of time if truth to be told. It goes without question that all of the testimonials provided are conducted by paid actors who use fake names created by the scam marketers promoting this absurd scam. Many of these paid actors can be hired from cheap online marketplaces like for as little as $5 to lie in front of a camera. James, one of the first people to provide his testimonial, claims that he made over $2 million in under 1 year with the Cash365 auto trader.

Of course no verified 3rd party or transparent trading results are even shown to us so we suppose the scam marketers just expect us to take their word for it. Below the promotional video and the fake stamps used to help build credibility, you will see a “members” section along with a quote from each one on their latest Cash365 results. According to Cash365, Aaron Harper has been a member since December 17th, 2015 and has made over $1 million. Every other member out of the 5 showcased have been members since 2016 and have each averaged investment profits over $3,400 last week alone. Sound a little too good to be true, right?

Cash365 is a SCAM!

So how does the system work? We truly wish we could tell you but throughout the entire 15 minute pitch video, no mention of how the system works is disclosed. If we were to insinuate the Cash365 trading software operates with an algorithm that has been programmed to slowly lose your money throughout a 24 to 72 hour period. Operating with notorious binary option brokers that are unregulated we wouldn’t recommend anyone to consider signing up with this ludicrous trading software.

“Cash 365 is TOTALLY FREE and has NO RISK!” This statement can be found further down at and just goes to show how ill-informing this site truly is. First off, the system is NOT FREE! You will be required to open and fund an account with an unregulated binary options broker which is not only illegal in most demographics but more likely than not will not work out well for you later on. Your personal and financial information will likely be sold off to the highest bidder and that may be after your payment method has endured fraudulent charges. Now, this isn’t a guarantee that this would happen to you but it is a common practice among unregulated brokers which is why we only recommend trading with regulated brokers.

No matter what form of investing that you take on, there is always risk involved. Cash365 is not risk-free nor is any other binary options signal service, trading software or auto trader! There is always risk involved and you can bet you are much more at risk with the Cash365 auto trader. Now, to eradicate all legitimate characteristics of Cash365 from existence. While they claim to have been in operation since 2015, the Cash365 website was only founded on March 9th, 2017! So this system is only just over a month old! Quite amazing how this system has been able to obtain millions of dollars in profits over the past 2 years when it was only founded a little over a month ago!

Review Verdict:  Cash365 is a SCAM!

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