By China’s E-Commerce Research Center, a few days ago, China Electronic Commerce Research Center released a survey which directing at domestic 100 e-business CEOs in Hangzhou. Results showed that most CEOs consider it an e-commerce trend that B2C will replace C2C in the future.

In the survey, 66 of the 100 CEOs thought that the development potential of customer to customer e-Commerce cannot do better than the business to customer mode. A majority of CEOs believed, compared to individual seller of C2C, B2C is professional; furthermore, providing professional service is the future online shopping development trend.

According to the insiders, there tend to be credit, quality and after service   and many other problems, which make the consumers give up the shopping desire to some degree.

However, B2C online marts can leave out more intermediate links; and these B2C e-shops can not only truly achieve cheap and fine, but also provide after guarantee, which succeed to cater to the consumers’ online shopping demand and dispel their scruple. Furthermore, following the gradual development and maturity of net purchasing, B2C has been gradually thought highly of by the various big businesses.

Besides, in the survey, most CEOs said, within the next three years, the electronic payment industry will also appear a rapid growth trend.

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