The kids nowdays can not imagine their home without a television set, a computer, a phone, being influenced by a lot by mass-media, which often gives them a wrong perspective of the world they live in. After several studies on the impact of the computer on kids, psychologists and pediatricians have reached the conclusion that computers can be dangerous if they are used in an uncontrolled manner. Thus, the kids who spend more than five hours in front of the computer are exposed to obesity.

An uncomfortable position in front of the typing board which is sustained for hours can affect the child's position and the monitor can hurt their sight. Spending their time in front of the computer means that they do not learn to share their things, to wait for their turn and that they do not get to learn some basic things, such as manners. Kids needs to interact with other kids and adults. They need to experience things themselves, not by using a computer.

Some of the boys identify the user of the computer with tough, sadistic ad rebel characters. A child is addicted to the computer if they are tired all the time, if they sleep very little, if they have problems in school and so on. They do not learn anything, they do not do their homework, they do not have other hobbies, they isolate themselves from their friends, they are frustrated and rebellious, especially because their parents do not understand the problem and do not see the attractive and fascinating part about using the computer. That is why parents should make a balanced schedule for their kids and explain them why it is very dangerous for them to spend hours in their chair, with their eyes stuck on the monitor.

They should think of when their children are allowed to use the computer and to check them from time to time, mentioning the consequences of their disobedience, but also the rewards for their obedience.

Source by Chloe Summers