Nowadays, every minute three barbie dolls are sold in the world. Barbie doll is American girls’ perfect image so Barbie doll is taken care of. Each Barbie doll has her own fashion collection with many various styles, which are meticulously designed by a famous team of designers in the world such as Anna Sui, Monique Lhuillier, Diane Von Furstenberg… Surely many girls among us are glad to tell that “I’m a Barbie girl”, even you can also find a song named ” Barbie Girls” with the following lyrics:

“I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let’s go party!”

Many famous stars are now fond of Barbie image that its body and face is similar to them and Hilary Duff is very successful with her business plan on costumes and accessories for Barbie doll called “Red Carpet Glam Hilary Duff doll”. Dolls are always a source of inspiration for Hilary and she thought she was easy to succeed in this field. Many other celebrities also have their own images in Barbie form.

An advertisement director said that the new Barbie succession named “Fashion games” was going to appear soon and added that all Barbie’s clothes, accessories and perfume would be produced for teenagers and bought online. In the future, there would be competition aiming to find the girl who looks like Barbie most and also an exhibition on all the Barbie collections would be held on the occasion of Barbie’ s 50th Birthday (1959 -2009).
You can find the latest fashion collections for Barbie at the Barbie Fashion show on Barbie’s 50th Birthday. The outfits are created by many famous designers such as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane Von Furstenberg and Marchesa, that are worn by the 51 different walking plastic dolls and the hair and makeup, as you’ll see, is equally dolled-up.
Barbie fashion style is getting more and more impressive not only with young girls, but adults as well. The fashion style has been come into online dress up games that satisfy the passion in playing little girls’ Barbie games and wish to create their own Barbie doll.

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