Labels are very important for any product be it drinking water, wine or food product. Without labels a consumer cannot find exact details about the product. A label helps consumer know what ingredients are there in the product, expiry and manufacturing date, Price of the product etc.

A consumer can tell about the quality of wine just by seeing the label. Some wines should be avoided just by the label. To choose a good wine, the label is often the only indication of the wine’s quality. A new age label on a bottle of wine, something that speaks of excessive creativity, is often a tempting choice. These labels are designed to speak to the younger crowd, and thus tend to encase a sweeter wine. This is simply smart marketing.

A food label is different from wine label. Some of the important information that should be there in the food labels is all the ingredients should be listed in descending order, name of the food, manufacturers detail, cooking and storage instructions, weight and volume details and additives. Nutritional breakdown are divided into two: Big 4 consists of Energy (kcal), Carbohydrate, Protein and fat. The Small 4 consists of Saturates, Sugar, Fiber and sodium. Applying labels to thousands and lakhs of wine bottles jars etc with hands is not that easy. The best thing would be to buy a bottle labeler machine that will apply nearly 1200 labels per hour.

Bottle applicators can be used to apply labels on the front, back or front and back together on most cylindrical products, quickly and easily, saving the user time and normal label application costs. Bottle applicator can used to apply barcode labels, contents description labels, pharmaceutical labels and even full color product labels, perfectly positioned and without wrinkles.

Bottle label machine can apply labels to bottles, cans, jars and tubes as well as many tapered surfaces. Bottle label machines can be used to apply labels for many industries like Specialty manufacturers, Food manufacturing, Gourmet Food producers, Wineries, Pharmaceuticals and Retail Outlets. The applicators are quick to set up and easy to operate and can apply up to 1200 labels per hour. The compact size fits on most desks and the heavy steel construction will ensure long operation life.

There are different types of bottle labeling machines like Wrap-around, top bottom, front and back bottle labeling machine. Wrap-Around Labeling Machine is suitable for round shaped products of different specifications.

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