Every body has some sort of expertise. Every one can provide some sort of information to the other. If so, why not to cash it?

Yes it is possible to make money on answering questions and guiding others. There are numerous places on the internet which can be utilized to earn cash or to develop an excellent work at home business.

Traditionally, e-commerce is associated with selling of physical goods. But now information has become one of the main marketable products. Some companies are actively using this tool to grow their business exponentially.

Many people may already be familiar about Live Answer Community, the new business model. In this, there is a person to person or live talk. One person is asking the questions and the other person called the expert or professional is answering.

According to this business model, there are people who are in need of certain information or who want immediate expert help. It is now possible to talk to a live person on phone and get the necessary guidance.

Kasamba.com and Keen.com are two top ranked question answer sites. Here people get help on any thing. There are professionals just one telephone call away to answer any body's questions. Hundreds of thousands of people use these sites on daily basis for getting answers to their questions ranging from astrology to business.

The advice so rendered is not free. Basically, these companies are in the business of buying and selling information. Experts provide information at prefixed fees which is per minute. A consultant can fix any amount of fees for his services.

Under this, a consultant is free to choose any time for being available on telephone. Calls are made through Kasamba or Keen network. After deducting the connection charges and other fees, balance is paid to the experts who provide these phone consultations.

Any one can use the above services for any help at any time. One can join these websites as a member or an expert. As a member, you can take the services of advisers and ask questions on a wide range of topics. As an expert, you estimate your time of availability so that people can call you with their questions.

Thousands of people have been benefiting because of these services both as members and as experts. One can also be both an expert and a member or user on these sites.

Any one who has any degree of specialized knowledge can join the aforesaid websites and develop their telephone business. Some members are reported to have been making as much as $ 1500 upwards a week. These provide an excellent work at home job opportunity.

Source by Altaf Sahibzada