News from the, while online shopping became fashion consumption, online shopping fraud is also more and more widespread. This morning, the reporter learned from an online questionare survey, near the year-end, online shopping fraud appears a ascendant trend.

As a sincere electronic wholesaler focusing on e-commerce, is a online seller. has a large number of customers bot at home and abroad. To protect the rights of consumers, as a professional online dealer, reminds citizens keeping alert to be ware of “three trap” of net purchasing:

1. Some merchants exaggerate while they promote goods, they often give an exaggerated account of things of the goods effect to appeal the attention of the consumers. Once the consumers buy the goods, if you find yourself duped, it is hard to find the seller; because online shops are without fixed address, if the operators disappear with the money , consumers’ losses will be irreparable.

2. Pay for the goods after receiving it. It looks secure and attractive, isn’t it? In fact, some illegal businessmen emphasize “pay for it first please” when people receive goods. Usually, the consumers don’t find the quality problem until they have paid for the goods. In addition, sometimes, after remittance shopping, the operators do not ship out the goods or ship fake commodity. Furthermore, when the consumers want to search the goods, the sellers often tell a lie that the goods has been sold out; or increasing more money can provide customers better products to tempt customers again.

3. Selling at expressly marked and low prices is another temptation to the consumers. When consumer buys commodity whose quality has a long distance with the promotional advantages, the operator usually will not undertake ” three guarantee of the quality” responsibility. Moreover, they set a very harsh criteria of return, exchange and refund, it is very difficult to resolve the problem.

At the same time, suggested consumers: when people select online shopping, the first thing consumers should take full information of website aptitude; it is better to choose some big website with good warranty. The consumers also should strive for examining goods first payment second to avoid right damaged. 

Source by lidongqun