Here we will look at how to become a currency trader, avoid the losing majority and enter the elite 5% of traders who make money. So why do so many people fail to make money at Forex trading, when anyone can learn to win?

Most traders fail because they don’t understand the unique skills needed to win or think they can follow others and this leads to disaster.

How many traders buy a $100 buck Forex robot and think they can make money with no effort? A huge amount and they all get hammered.

While there is a huge group that follow these junk robots and other sure fire systems, others fail because they believe Forex myths, they get Forex education but its wrong and they lose.

They think working hard will help them win and of course it doesn’t, as you don’t get rewarded for the time you put in but the profits you make. Another group think if they are clever they will win and build complicated trading systems, which break. Another group believe markets move to some higher force and prices are predictable but this is obviously not true, their predictions are as accurate as their horoscope and they lose too the list goes on and on.

So how to you become a currency trader and achieve success?

The first point to keep in mind is you don’t need to work hard, you can learn all you need to know in a couple of weeks and start trading.

You also only need a simple Forex trading strategy as simple systems work best as they are more robust than complicated ones and far more likely to lead you to currency trading success.

Now that all sounds easy!

Yes it is but learning a sound method is the easy bit the hard part is following your method with discipline – but if you have got the right Forex education you can do this; you will have confidence in what your doing and confidence is reflected in discipline.

Most traders what to be perfect, win every trade and cant take losing in the short term You need the discipline to follow your system and keep losses small and if you can do this you can win long term.

Anyone can learn to trade and get the right mindset to win and always remember – its not the market that beats the trader, the trader beats himself.

Source by Monica Hendrix