If you are an investor with loads of experience, but unfamiliar with automated Forex trading, here's your chance to not only learn the routes, but also apply all of your experience to the development of your very own trading program! Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with programming or writing algorithms. If you have a basic idea of ​​how the market works, and what you would do in different market conditions, you are ready to create your very own Forex robot.

Learning to build forex robots:

Steve Fleming, founder of AutomatedTradingSoftware.com, is proud of his 5-day free course on building a Forex robot. According to him, the Metatrader platform offers a very easy solution to all those investors who have no knowledge of programming or script-writing. Through his course, thousands of investors have benefited. Apart from Steve Fleming, there are several other people who offer code-building applications, Java Applets and what not for investors to create their own EAs without having to shell out any money or depend on anyone.

Experience – an added advantage:

Once a person has understood the different elements involved in robot trading, it is extremely simple to construct one's own automated trading system. Seasoned investors in general have a good grasp of the nuances of the currency market, the different crises that could arise, etc. This will enable them to apply their knowledge to the development and testing of newer and newer bots, that will progressively be more aggressive and smart than their predecessors.

Of course, knowing something about software development or programming will definitely be useful. It also helps to look at robots created by other people, and study the strategies and codes they have implemented in their software. Once the undering strategy has been identified and understood, it can be worked upon and improved in many different ways.

Source by Jacob Thompson