The is among one of the few legitimate trading software that we have come across for binary options. Many of you who are avid subscribers of ours or have read a good number of our reviews know by now that we have little tolerance for bullshit trading systems that do nothing more than further pollute the industry of binary options. After exposing over 400 scams throughout our time in this industry, it is quite clear the efforts of con-artists display no signs of slowing down or stopping which is why when a great system comes along with a great amount of positive feedback, it is crucial we take advantage of every one of the few legitimate opportunities presented to us.

Here at, we believe in practicality and tangible results which is exactly what the OptionRobot delivers to all investors who properly use their system. If you want a proven way to supplement your income an additional $300 to $5,000 per month while using a trading software then make sure you finish reading this OptionRobot guide. During this informative post we will share some of the most accurate settings that is demographic dependent along with more than enough verified and proven investment results provided from our own subscribers.

Due to the high demand for accurate OptionRobot trading settings, we reached out to many of our subscribers for the past month who were willing to share their trading results and settings. Their trading results, OptionRobot settings and tips will all be shared to you to help you also achieve success with the OptionRobot. So for those of you who haven’t given up on binary options yet and are hungry for a substantial taste of financial freedom then make sure you read carefully, take notes and heed the advice from some our most profitable subscribers.

One of the most distinctive and beneficial features about the OptionRobot software for binary options (which also is the system’s biggest disadvantage) would be the customization options that are made available for their investors. As we learned throughout our OptionRobot Scam Review, there are over 130 customization options with this system that allows traders to exercise their freedom to test out which settings yield the best investment results. As many of you may have learned though that is easier said than done. With this evident truth known, we have decided to narrow down and find out which OptionRobot trading settings generate the best success rates while providing you with the most consistent investment results.

Now, unfortunately there isn’t one “master” setting combination that we know of that generates the best results no matter which investment hours you are able to trade. However, what we have learned would be that different settings during particular stock exchange hours due tend to yield more accurate investment results. So even if you are an inexperienced or veteran online trader, you can effectively and accurately use the OptionRobot as long as you are able to adapt and change your settings. Adapting your OR settings to work with current market conditions and hours of investing will allow you to take more control over the accuracy and effectiveness of the software.

Out of our 10,000+ subscriber base we have received a large amount of feedback from those who invest during the New York trading session. Now, what we noticed was the most common variable from all of the feedback received would be how the Eur/Usd and Usd/Cad were the most successful traded assets. Meaning that other currency pairs like the Usd/Jpy, Eur/Gbp and Eur/Jpy tended to yield less accurate investment results on a cumulative tally.

OptionRobot Feedback

Furthermore, the most commonly utilized OptionRobot trading settings from investors who have only achieved a success rate of 70% or higher would be using a 3 to 5 minute expiration times, a max investment quantity of 1, the Fibonacci method of trading (although classic also generated profitable results, the Fibonacci generated better accuracy) along with the Stoch, MACD and RSI indicators. It has been made known that using these reversal indicators tend to generate better success rates than using trend or volume measuring indicators like the Trend or  William %R.

The London Stock Exchange has proven to be some of the best market hours to use the OptionRobot software. Subscribers have shown us success rates ranging from 72% to 84% on a weekly average while using the following OptionRobot trading settings shared below.

OptionRobot Feedback

Most commonly traded assets would be the Usd/Chf and Gbp/Usd. A max trade of 2 with  classic method of investing and with 5 minute expirations are recommended when using the CCI, William %R and Trend indicators to help investors gauge market momentum and place trend continuing investments. These are the most commonly reported OptionRobot trading settings that have generated the best success across the board. Manual investing is used by most of our reported subscribers because the ability to achieve better entry rates is much more in your control and will greatly dictate you probability of success.

For the Sydney and Tokyo trading session we have received the least amount of feedback because most of our subscribers and viewers are from other nations. However, we have still received a conclusive and supportive amount of feedback and evidence to recommend the following OptionRobot trading settings for those of you who invest during these market hours.

OptionRobot Feedback

Now, depending on the market conditions, you will want determine which of the two settings are best for you to apply. The constant variables during these market hours would be a max trade of 1, manual or automated investing (although manual is much better), a 3 or 5 minute expiration and the classic method of OptionRobot trading. So always keep those settings unless you are applying a strategy to use as a confirmation measure, but otherwise our subscribers recommend using either the RSI and MACD indicators or the Trend, %R and Stoch indicators. If you notice the markets look a bit choppy (volatile) then make sure to use the Trend, William %R or Stoch but if they are smooth you can use the other settings.

Again, we would like to thank our subscribers for providing us with an abundant amount of feedback so that we could share all of your experiences and recommendations for thousands of online traders to benefit from. As we have mentioned numerous times, your feedback is greatly appreciated and always welcomed because not only do you help us out but you are also helping all of your other 10,000+ subscriber family members and other day-traders who first come across our site. So again thank you for all of your hard-work and efforts, this is just another reason why we LOVE to do what we do and all of you!

OptionRobot Feedback

Before we conclude our 2017 OptionRobot strategy guide, we would just like to include a few tips that were shared that we believe could help you out greatly down the road while using this system. Below are 5 OptionRobot trading tips that should be followed by anyone planning or currently using the OptionRobot trading software!

  • Always invest on manual to achieve better entry rates!
  • Don’t invest during major political events or market reports; market conditions become choppy and the software in incapable to accurately read these sort of conditions.
  • Use same functioning indicators with one another, not versus each other. So with the OptionRobot you have a trend indicator, a couple reversal indicators and volume and momentum measuring indicators. An example provided by one of our most successful subscribers would be not to use a trend continuing indicator like the OptionRobot Trend indicator while using the RSI or MACD because those indicators function essentially opposite of one another.
  • We have received countless feedback from our subscribers who are posting results or emailing us results of them posting 10, 20, to even 40+ trades a DAY while using the OptionRobot system. Now, don’t get us wrong. We love seeing our subscribers earn good money with the OptionRobot, but you need to invest smart. Apply a money management strategy and try to limit yourself to 10 or less trades per day.
  • Never use the Martingale method of investing, 60 second expirations (unless you are doing really well or have some strategy to use with it) and don’t chase losing trades by doubling up. Just move on to the next one and the software will do the rest.

The OptionRobot software for binary options is one of the best trading software for binary options. This goes without question after the feedback we have received and how strongly this software is endorsed on a number of reliable binary option review sites. Finding the proper settings to fit with your style of trading is a more difficult task to accomplish though. The settings provided to you above are OptionRobot settings that have generated accurate and consistent results with many of our other subscribers so in theory they should work for you.  Remember, no one investment day is the same so even though some traders accomplished those results does not mean that you will.

For those of you who want to learn more about the OptionRobot, feel free to read our OptionRobot Scam Review.

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