If you want to find the best currency trading software, you should look at two key areas in the marketing copy and if you pay attention to the two points we will look at in this article, you will be able discount the losers and find the best currency software for big gains.

When you look at the marketing copy for most currency trading robots, you are promised thousands of percent in profit with draw down which is below 1% and you even get claims of 95% accuracy as soon as you see these statements, go to the track record and you will see there is no verification of the gains – Our first point in choosing the best currency trading software relates to the track record.

Look for Independent Verification of Results

Most currency trading robots, have simulated track records which are simply back tests over past data. The vendor knows all the closing prices and makes a profit but this is no indication of future results, because its so easy to do this a child could make a fortune.

As investors have become wary of simulations, many vendors have switched to publishing “live results” after the trade has taken place of course and it comes from them – would you believe the word of someone selling the system? I wouldn’t I would want an audit or independent monitoring company to check the results first – so only trust an independent verification.

Look at Who Developed the Software

Most currency trading software is not developed by traders, just a programmer employed by a marketing company. Sometimes you get the claim that their famous traders but one person checked out a few and found they were all web actors. The reason, you can never find any background on the famous trader is simple – he doest exist.

Only buy software which you know has been developed by a real trader who has made money.

The Forex software industry promises you easy gains but the reality is different most lose; there are a few good ones which can give you solid long term gains, so check the above two points and you will find them.

Source by Kelly Price