You can see every week the new release of automated forex trading software, but only a few of them really works as advertise. The forex software program is getting a lot of positive and great reviews.

The creator of this have spend so many months in intensive research and testing that the creator was able to develop a true plug and play software or system. The creator and developer of this is Steve Carletti and the system can provide you with live trading proof which is excellent for novice traders.

This system runs on a metatrader 4 platform and one of the best features of this software is it can conduct itself without human intervention. Best of all it works with all account sizes so you do not really need to worry about investing a lot of money just for you to start.

There are so many excellent features and benefits about these system. As mentioned, you can easily start with as little as 50.00 dollars which is very small amount of investment. You can have this system hosted on the developer's server so you do not need to have your computer always turned on.

The software system can do all the work for you and offers excellent customer support, plus it has a just below ninety six percent winning rate in the last nine years.

It also comes with a lifetime membership and all members can access to the latest updates and version of the software. Members can also get a step by step training video so that installation can be easily accomplished. This feature can really help you get going with the system and makes it easy to follow.

These systems are also has a refund policy while you can get refund for your money if you are not satisfied with the program.

All the above features make it one of the best forex software for currency traders. But you have to be aware that like all investments, they have their own risks. So the best thing you can do is to try it first on a demo account where you can use pseudo money to trade and when you become accustomed to the functionality and the currency markets, then you can proceed with your real money.

This very much enticing for a person who really wants to work less with greater returns, but you have to be aware of the pitfalls. The pitfalls to currency trading are the emotions that people have when actually trading. You need to be very patient and know your limits when you trading. Forex software can do help you automate as long as you what you are doing.

Source by Julie Viola