If you have never used the BinBot Pro app before, you might want to give it a serious shot. We have done a number of reviews and updates on this particular trading system in the past few weeks. We have talked about how this BinBot Pro is quite profitable, accurate, and easy to use as well. When it comes to options and CFD trading, it is quite useful indeed. We really have not had any trading sessions so far that have not turned out to be profitable at the end of the day.

With that being said, making money with the BinBot Pro system is a little difficult for newbies, especially for anybody that really does not know what they are doing. Yet, with some advice and tips from us, you can start making a healthy amount of money on a daily basis. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but with our tips, you should be able to get it done no problem. Making money is not hard when you follow the right trading strategies.

One of the big aspects that we want to talk about in this BinBot Pro review is that of making your own specially customized trading bot and algorithm. It’s a pretty cool feature that can help increase trading accuracy and your daily profits quite substantially. Let’s find out how you stand to make the most amount of money with the BinBot Pro system right now.


Trading With The Premade BinBot Pro System Algorithms

Now, one good way to trade with BinBot Pro trading software is to use the preset algorithms and trading bots which this system includes. It comes with close to 10 different bots, each of which have different risk and profit potentials. If it is your first time trading and you don’t really know how to read charts and perform analysis, using the low risk bots is best.

These bots, the low risk ones, won’t provide too much money for each trade, but they are relatively safe and low risk. If you want nearly guaranteed daily income without risking much, using the low risk trading bots is one way to go. However, if you want to become an advanced options trader and make some real money, making your own bot is the way to go.

In our opinion, making your own bot with your own customized settings is the absolute best way to make some good money with the BinBot Pro app, which is true for both newbies and experts. Some of the preset bots require a very high investment amount for each trade, which is not great for newbies because it is very risky. However, as a newbie, it’s best to create your own bot. It’s good for newbies as well as for experts because you can choose all of your own settings.


Best Way To Trade With BinBot Pro Software – MAKE YOUR OWN BOT

Like we said, we think that the best way to trade with BinBot Pro software is to create your own trading bot. All you have to do for this is select one of the premade bots that is included, one that you do not want to use, and then customize it. Here are some tips for the best chance at success when making your own customized bot.

  • Turn of all trading pairs that include currencies with 3 bull news. When you check market news, and for instance, the GBP has 3 bull news, turn of all pairs which include the GBP.
  • In terms of the indicators you can select, only use CCI, RVI, and RSI. Turn off Aroon, ADM, and the momentum indicators. You only want to use the first 3, as using all 6 in combination creates confusion for the software and the trades won’t end well.
  • In terms of the levels, set the RVI, RSI, and CCI indicators to a level of 2, as this will give you the best shot at winning trades.



Other BinBot Pro App Trading Tips

Let’s quickly go over some other tips you should follow for your best chance of making good money with this system.

  • Always trade between 9 AM and 7 PM GMT time. This is the best time to trade at where you stand the best chance of making good money. Do not trade outside of these hours, and if you live in a time zone other than GMT, you want to make the proper adjustments.
  • Always look at market news releases. For instance, if there is a lot of market news coming out about the Euro, turn off all trading bots which are using the Euro to trade. When there is 3 bull news about a certain currency, do not trade with it.
  • If you are beginner and are not great at doing analysis, don’t invest too much money in a single trade. If you are a trading newbie, while profits might be lower than otherwise, you definitely want to minimize risk.


BinBot Pro Review Update – Conclusion

At the end of the day, making a few hundred dollars per hour with the BinBot Pro app is more than possible. If you follow the tips, advice, and other pointers we have given above, you should be seeing the cash flow increase quite drastically. Remember folks, trade with the right currencies for the day, trade at the right times, and don’t invest too much in a single trade if you are a beginner. Using your own customized trading bot definitely helps as well.


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