Leading binary options broker BetOnFinance has recently introduced an innovative new game that is sure to please many investors.

In a nutshell, players will get the chance to predict which big-shot CEO will be the next one to leave their company. Whatever the reason a CEO may choose to leave their current company, there’s no denying that their departure will undoubtedly affect the stock price in one way or another.

BetOnFinance is thus giving all interested parties the opportunity to voice their opinions and profit from them, as explained by the company’s own CEO and founder, Jeff Saul:

If there is something that can move stock prices, then it is the voluntary or involuntary departure of a CEO. In our new CEO Game, one does not have to trade the underlying stock to make a profit. One can merely bet on which CEO will depart next.

This is the 7th new game BetOnFinance have launched in just under a year, propelling their achievements forward into 2017.

How to Play the CEO Game

Participating in the CEO game is a simple process; traders may place bets on a choice of 30 CEOs from either the Danish or Swedish market. All BetOnFinance games, players bet against each other in a pool, rather than against the house. The CEO game is no different, except for the fact that players are not aware of when the pool will close. Odds will shift according to market conditions until a company announces a CEO departure, thereby closing the pool.

Players in these types of games are expected to show their cards early on, allowing traders in the real stock market to have a look at the odds on a CEO, before choosing to invest in a market. Additionally, players must act quickly if they want to profit from their opinions as pools will close immediately after the CEO change is made public.


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