There are not many people out there who succeed at making good luck jewelry, as the art of rice writing requires a lot of talent and skillfulness. Rice art, because it cannot be presented as anything else, is responsible for the appearance of some of the most exquisite jewelry items, including pendants, earrings and necklaces. The rice grains used for the making of such jewelry are carefully selected, then treated with a special substance in order to eliminate any harmful agents. Writing on rice is a job done manually, but you should know that there numerous designs from which you can choose, not just text messages.
The finest brushes are used for the inscribing of messages or different designs on the chosen rice grains. As soon as this stage is finished, the rice grain will be inspected for several quality criteria; at first, the quality control expert will try to appreciate if the name or text written on the rice grain can be read without problems. Things like proofreading and clarity represent perhaps two of the most important concepts taken into consideration when it comes to good luck jewelry. Other criteria refer to the quality of the ink used, the existence of loose hair coming from the brush used for the actual painting or the presence of surface impurities. By analyzing all these aspects, manufacturers can be sure that the good luck jewelry matches the highest standards of quality.
After passing the quality inspection, the text or message found on the rice grain will be fixed using a special light. The final step of the process is to apply a highly-resistant coating to the rice grain and prepare it for different jewelry items. The rice grain will then be introduced into different beads, being used for the making of elegant earrings and pendants. Speaking about pendants, there are three main choices to make whereas this category is concerned: extra-long, long and round pendants. They each have something different to offer, impressing with their beauty and extreme elegance. Imagine being able to wear such elegant rice jewelry on special occasions, matching your outfit with such lovely accessories. The rice grains are hand-painted, which makes good luck jewelry even more interesting to wear.
Whether you prefer wearing two-sided long pendants, rice earrings or a combined set, the truth is that such items of jewelry will bring your most beautiful features into the spotlight. You can customize the rice jewelry, selecting both the color and the message you want inscribed on the rice grain.
Such delicate items of good luck jewelry can be offered as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, definitely representing a lovely surprise. You have complete liberty when it comes to the writing on rice part, thus obtaining a personalized gift in an instant. We all know how magnificent good luck jewelry truly is, whether it is worn every day or reserved for unique events in one’s life!

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