DON’T believe what all the other “authentic” binary option review sites are claiming about Binary Option Club! Let’s get straight to the point, Binary Option Club by “Paul Schafer” cannot be trusted. Make sure that you read our unbiased scam review to learn everything you may have missed by reading other bogus review sites lies. Just like most auto trading or trading software that we investigate they appear legitimate at first sight when in reality they are nothing more than a deceptive fabrication of falsehoods. Paul Shafer clearly doesn’t exist and all of the sites endorsing this binary options campaign are just as fake and phony as the scam marketers responsible for this scam.

Operated from, Binary Option Club appears as a legit trade copier service for binary options. However, as most of you know already know, looks can be deceiving. Spam emails along with being required to sign up with unregulated binary option brokers are the least of your worries with the Binary Option Club trade copier. Before we debunk this trade copier, we are urging all traders to avoid this system and if you have already fallen victim to this software then please reach out to us immediately.

Compared to most auto trading systems that we expose as scams, the Binary Option Club trade copier fits the bill as a system that is seemingly legitimate. On the site they claim that they prefer “human traders” opposed to automatized trading algorithms that are most commonly seen among online investment systems. Now, normally we would agree with that remark, however the question that still remains unanswered would be whether or not this system is a licensed business or if any of the traders are licensed to provide investment signals. If we had to guess, we would have to say that this system is indeed not licensed.

Among one of the main reasons we are warning traders to stay away from Binary Option Club would be because this week alone we have received an alarming number of complaints. Complaints about accuracy only being in the 30 to 50% range on a daily basis along with unauthorized charges being executed by the brokers that are assigned by Binary Option Club. One reminder we can’t mention enough would be to ONLY sign up with regulated brokers. That is why it is only logical to sign up with a proven system that offer regulated brokers.  To learn more about proven and tested systems visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals.

One question that we have directed towards Binary Option Club would be why the “professional traders” Jason Benneke, Sarah McCullough, Michael Jessop, Benny Carlyle, Chase Drexler and Alexa Montreau don’t have a picture? Is this because these entities don’t actually exist or are the scammers behind this system scared that we will find out the truth about the system and expose their images for stock images? If truth be told, this isn’t our first rodeo with exposing scams and we believe this to be a main contributing factor while no profile pictures are made evident.

We mean, let’s be honest, if this was a legit binary options trading corporation you would believe that these so-called professional traders would have profile pictures, actual identities that matched with with an online database and that Binary Option Club would be a certified business. As you can imagine though, none of these are evident with Binary Option Club which is why we urging all Forex and binary option traders to stay clear of this new and deceptive online trading scam!

Review Verdict:  Binary Option Club is a SCAM! 

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