This is a detailed Binary Options Millionaire review. The BO Millionaire is a new scam in the industry. The financial markets pertaining to binary options are rife with scam. It pays you to read this impartial and detailed review on the Binary Options Millionaire software. Your capital is not safe with BO Millionaire and we recommend that you stay safe and avoid this App.

You have to understand that binary options is a very liquid market, and many people make money trading using the best trading strategies. However, scam is designed to attract new trader, with little or no experience in trading, to part with their capital. You are fed with claims of making yourself rich overnight by using the Binary Options Millionaire scam software. In reality you will only part with your capital and lose it very quickly.

Who is the scam system creator of Binary Options Millionaire?

Do not for a second believe that the system of Mr Clark, who did not bother to fill us in with any more data on his identity is anything but a scam. How can you believe anyone, who is not prepared to be transparent and even tell us who he really is, can make you an overnight millionaire.

Clark is not the goose that has laid the golden egg! He is just a loop in the grand chain of scam. The scam chain is made up of the developers, the scam actors and fake testimonials that they lie about, and finally the scam brokers who will benefit from the introduction of fresh innocent victims. Bottom line, in this chain, all the profits – which is your trading capital – is split sideways.

Is Binary Options Millionaire A Scam? BO Millionaire Review

The official website for this scam site is

We will now proceed to explain why we strongly believe that this robot is a total scam. Here is a list of indicatives, that expose BO Millionaire for the fake software it really is.

Let us start off by considering the fact that you are told that the Binary Options Millionaire App is free. You must understand that nothing is free in life. In order to be able to download the BO Millionaire software from the site, you must deposit a minimum of $250 as your trading capital.

If you consider, that you can lose this capital, which I can assure you, you definitely will, then, will you still think that the software is free?

Next we need to consider the very important fact, that we are dealing with a bogus personality. The identity of Clark, is undoubtedly a fake one. We have no idea who we are dealing with. The reason for which this happens, is that the real developers of this scam, wish to remain anonymous. At no point, would they like people who are going to suffer losses to revert back to them. If they are bogus they cannot be accused of fraud. If they were honest, they would be 100% transparent about their identity. As it is, you do not have any fall back on the developers.

Need to Know Fact – 100% Fully AutoMated Software Systems – Should be Banned!

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If you are following any sort of financial news, you will be aware, that the CySec and other regulating bodies are clamping down on binary scam. Recently, CySec has banned all Regulated Brokers from giving Bonus offers to new traders. This is because your account is locked when you accept a bonus. However, no one bothers to explain these facts to you when you are accepting a bonus.

Likewise, when you download a fully automatic trading software, or a hands-free software, you are technically giving up all your control over your account. In real terms, you are simply handing over your capital on a silver platter. As such, you are making it easy for the broker to place losing trades on your behalf, and leave you empty handed.

Serious brokers, and good software systems, will never take control over your account. I highly recommend that you have a look at our Option Robot Review. In this review we reveal how you are given various options, on how to trade with this profit making software. Furthermore, you are given different tools and indicators to chose from for optimal success. However, at no point in time are you ever requested to give up complete control over your account.

BO Millionaire Asks You to Give Up Control Over Your Capital

With the BO Millionaire Robot, you are giving up your rights over your capital. Why would Binary Options Millionaire software make this easy? Very simply because, many new traders are worried that they do not understand how to trade sufficiently well. Therefore, they prefer to give up their capital to an unknown quantity, and let me them as they may! Surely, this is not a very wise decision.


Binary Options Millionaire Site is Crammed With Fake Promises.

Because we have ample experience with dealing with scam, we are experts in smelling rats. If there was every a rat, that is a fake robot, we can assure you that the B.O. Millionaire scam is definitely one of them.

The website is full of fake and misleading information. The system does not support the advanced technology that it is boasting. We can prove this by exposing the perpetrators of the false earnings they are claiming to make with the software.

In the video presentation by Clark, you are promised that you will earn no less than a eleven thousand dollars per day using the BO Millionaire software. You are led into this false sense of uphoria from just a humble investment of $250. Realistically, do you believe that you can make $11,000 a day on $250? Where is the basic sense of proportion? If you traded with values of $25 per, and have 100% winning trades, you would earn about $19 per trade. It therefore follows that you need to execute 578 trades per day, without failing one of them.

I am not sure whether you realize just how impossible a feat this is. Surely, it is easier to move a mountain that to have this huge volume of successful trades.

If that is not enough, the software is endorsed by “traders” who are winning with the system! But none of is real. The photos of the traders who are making money with the systems, belong to “stock files”. Stock pictures, are photos that people sell for advertising purposes.


We are in absolutely no doubt that the BO Millionaire is scam.  It has all the red flags which point that it is nothing but a fake robot. So, starting with unattainable profits, unrealistic gains, a bogus identity for a site owner and fake testimonials.  Therefore, we do not think that we need to add more to convince you to stay away from the BO Millionaire

The BO Millionaire is Verified Scam

Here are a few tips by which you can start earning money trading binary or Forex.

  1. Choose a legitimate Broker
  2. If You are in the United States you should only trade with Nadex
  3. Open a Free Demo Account for Practice
  4. Learn How to Trade – Register and Get “The Secret Trader” our online trading course which includes videos of real trading scenarios.
  5. Join a Social Trading Network

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