If you are inquiring about the auto trader known as Binary Options Robot 24 then we urge you to read our unbiased review before you throw your money down the drain!  As usual, we have received a vast amount of diverse complaints in regards to the BinaryOptionsRobot24 SCAM.  Reports such as credit/debit card overcharges, harassed solicitation home phone calls along with identity theft are among the chief symptoms experienced by those who have fallen victim to this scam.  Don’t put your trust or money with this fraud!

Unlike a majority of scams we expose here, Binary Options Robot 24 does not incorporate pressure inducing widgets or promises that are surely too good to be true.  Instead, what we are faced with would be a minimalistic website that appears as if their software is trustworthy and authentic.  However, what these scammers don’t want you to know would be that this simple act is nothing more than deception.  Working with some of the most corrupt and shady unregulated brokers, we can assure you that if you ever did sign up and fund an account through binaryoptionsrobot24.com that would be the last you would ever see of those funds.

Deception, Lies & Fake Reviews

Targeting newbie binary option day-traders, this malicious scam has deceived countless novice investors.  Claiming to be user-friendly and showcasing past “trading results” with an accuracy no less than 70% is not only misleading but completely false.  Not only are these scumbags posting investments that loss as winners but they are doing so without zero transparency.  As if that wasn’t enough already we also have the “more is better” aspect with the Binary Options Robot 24 scam.  Claiming to generate more than 500 signal combinations along with 3 different methods of trading may sound great to most inexperienced traders but to be honest it can be quite overwhelming when first starting out.

The biggest hurdle you would face if you did get started with Binary Options Robot 24 would be with the scam brokers.  You see, in order to gain “free access” to Binary Options Robot 24 you need to sign up and make a deposit of at least $250 with one of their assigned brokers.  Among the handful of brokers offered to you, none of them are regulated and the reviews on them are horrific.  As we mentioned beforehand, payment method overcharges, exposure of personal and financial information along with the inability to withdrawal funds (even if no bonus was accepted) are some of the experiences you go through with Binary Options Robot 24.

Binary Options Robot 24 is a SCAM!

One of the reasons why the Binary Options Robot 24 has gone viral would be due to the large number of fake reviews that have mislead hundreds of day-traders into trusting this scam.  Phony reviews claiming success rates of over 70% along with hundreds of dollars in profits are ALL FAKE!  Rigged demo accounts have been provided to make the results seem authentic and real-time but closer analysis will reveal incorrect trading rates along with incorrect predictions resulting in “winning” trades.  It is simple, Binary Options Robot 24 is clearly not looking out for your best interest and it is evident the scammers behind this system are willing to stop at nothing to deceive traders out of their hard-earned money.

Binary Options Robot 24 Scam Conclusion

Logically, the only verdict that we can conclude about Binary Options Robot 24 would be that it is scam.  Working in combination with shady and unregulated binary option brokers, your personal and financial information is not in safe hands and the loss of your deposited funds is almost guaranteed.   No functionality of how the software generates signals is ever showcased and the latest “trading result” widget provides no transparency and an highly inaccurate representation of the success one is likely to achieve with this auto trading scam.

Review Verdict:  Binary Options Robot 24 is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:  binaryoptionsrobot24.com

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