The trading platform of the TradeRush

The company is one of the best brokers that you can find in the market. When you trade with this company, you will get a large number of the trading instruments to choose from. These trading instruments help you to get to have a better level playing field.

You can find the well-known options on this platform that are: One Touch, High / low, 60 seconds, and Option Builder. One Touch can offer more than 500 percent payout during the weekends. With the option builder, you are the one to set up the expiration date as well as the strike price. This is very advantageous because it offers you the chance to have total control in the trading process.

The 60 second is the best options since it offers the chance to trade at any minute. This is considered as the scalping method on the Forex but it is riskier. It is a method that is best suited for professional traders and not novice traders. However, for someone who is able to make the profit, he can make up to 175 percent profit. The problem with this platform is that they do not have the Boundary option which means that trading in markets also reduces.

iOption trading platform

The iOption has different famous Spot Option platform and it has different features. You can trade using the 60 seconds, Option Builder, One touch, high / low or Up / Down.

If you use the One Touch options, you will get the return that can be up to 75 percent. You will always be able to get the payouts while making the trading. A trader who is paying out of his money, he will get the protection that is between 5 up to 15 percent. This means that you can still get a certain percentage on your investment even if your trade may be losing. So this is certainly a risk that is worth taking.

The platform also has a feature called Buy Me Out that let the trader to sell without having to wait that their options expire. The iOption is the only platform that offers this option to the clients. This means that the traders can be able to limit or to reduce the risk or losses and it improves the flexibility of the trader while trading. As a trader you will be able to feel more secure knowing that you have the option to prevent yourself from losing everything you have.

You can also use the Rollover options while trading. This means that you will be able to postpone the expiration time on the following period. It is good if you do not have money in your option and you get the opportunity to increase the money in your trade. If you want to use the rollover option, you will need to increase the investment up to 30 percent. This is what is required in order to partake in this option of trade.

The broker also has developed the iOption Heat signature. They are the market signals which show the direction in which the assets are likely to take within few hours. The signals also show how reliable the signal is by showing the reliability level between 1 up to 10. If the level is higher, then the signal is more reliable. This tool is important for the binary traders who want to learn about the market opportunities. The signals are sent in the email, four times every day. They send the information when the signals have reached high reliability level.

Source by Daniel Brezinski