Binary Robot 365 ( is an automated trading solution that has received an excessive amount of praise for doing nothing more than offering a fat commission payment to any low-life scam marketer who is bold enough to promote their misleading investment scheme.

Operating without corporate supervision, working in tangent with unregulated brokerages while fabricating user-testimonials with stock images are just a few of the discrepancies we will touch upon throughout the duration of our honest scam review.

Binary Robot 365 Basics

Binary Robot 365 is an option based trading software that functions under an automated capacity. Making its debut within the online investment industry in mid 2016, Binary Robot 365 claims to have revolutionized their trading formulas and optimized their functionality to best take advantage of the 2018 financial markets.

While in theory this may sound great, in reality it is nothing more than hype to further influence the prospective investor into signing up with their rigged investment platform. A quick search of Binary Robot 365’s will go on to reveal that no corporation is accepting liability for their platform while they claim to be operating as their sole entity.

Unsurprising, Binary Robot 365 does not accept any liability for any financial losses that may occur and comparing their demo account trading results to real-time market values will go on to reveal that their demo account is rigged.

How does Binary Robot 365 Work?

Binary Robot 365 is an auto trader that claims to function under the parameters set forth by the investor utilizing the system. Programmed with set technical indicators, it is difficult to narrow down whether or not the software actually employs up to the 6 different indicators that their platform supports. Past performance results will go on to reveal only minor fluctuations and slight marginal success rate variations between employing a multitude of different indicators.


Designed for day traders who prefer to incorporate a low-risk trading approach. Relies upon a fixed investment amount predetermined and set by the investor – considered to be the optimal setting for traders looking to reduce risk, establish long-term returns and practical for most market conditions.


Martingale is a widely-used trading approach used by traders from varying investment industries. Considered to be high-risk, utilizing the Binary Robot 365 under Martingale greatly escalates an investors risk but brings the opportunity for high returns. If a trader loses an investment, the software will double the trade amount every trade in order to recoup losses from the previous trade. This trading approach can single-handily have the most detrimental effects on your trading account.


Considered to be a greedy trading approach, Fibonacci essentially functions as the opposite of the Martingale management approach. If employed, the Binary Robot 365 software will double the trade volume after every winning investment. While this management approach is supposedly used by many traders utilizing this software, we would never encourage such idiotic money management practices when investing online.

Technical Indicators

  • Trend
  • Stochastics
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Williams Stochastics Oscillator
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Pros & Cons of Binary Robot 365


  • Desktop and Mobile trading available
  • No annual or reoccurring charges/subscriptions
  • Small investment between $100 to $250 required to start


  • Mechanical degeneration
  • Renders a 54% Success Rate
  • Minimum corporate information
  • Claims full-user control (not true)
  • Manual risk management required
  • Operates only with unregulated brokerages
  • Supports a rigged demo account to lure you in
  • Employs fabricated testimonials to earn your trust

Exposing Scam Elements

If you have been searching for a text-book example of a fraudulent automated trading software, then utilize Binary Robot 365 as your prime example. First and foremost, their operation is not overseen by any corporate entity and functions as their sole entity.

Secondly we have the outrageous promoted win rate of up to 90% on their site, which as verified investor feedback will reveal is nowhere near the average reported success rate of 54%. Then of course we have in the Terms and Conditions that their site will not be held liable for any investment losses that may occur or be held responsible for any misconduct performed by their assigned brokerages.

Last but not least, we have the fabricated testimonials that promote a success rate between 75% to 92% with alleged profit accumulations between $3,243 to $8,243. As you can see for yourself in the image below though, none of these testimonials are real which likely indicates that their “Latest Winners” broadcasted on the left margin of their page are also phony.

Getting Started with Binary Robot 365

Below are the steps commonly associated with scam systems such as the Binary Robot 365. As you can imagine, the registration process is simplistic enough that a 4th grader could sign up but you get the idea. Remember, Binary Robot 365 only operates with unregulated brokerages, which means investing with them is ILLEGAL in nearly every demographic!

  • Visit Binary Robot 365 Homepage.
  • Select your preferred broker and register for an account.
  • Sign in to the Binary Robot 365 platform.
  • Select the “Continue Real Mode” option,
  • Then “Deposit Money,” and fund an account with your assigned brokerage.
  • Lose your deposited funds, be unable to withdrawal from unregulated brokerage!

Investable Assets With Binary Robot 365

High Volatility


Low Volatility


**Only Eur/Usd, Usd/Jpy and Aud/Usd are available for 24 hour trading.**

Binary Robot 365 Review Conclusion

Binary Robot 365 is just another run-of-the-mill auto trading investment scam meant to manipulate and deceive investors out of their hard-earned money! Incorporating fictitious testimonials is absolutely unacceptable for any investment operation to employ while it is clear that the founders behind Binary Robot 365 care nothing about your well-being.

If you are searching for a way to accrue passive income with online investing then do yourself a courtesy and avoid the Binary Robot 365 scam. Instead consider more legitimate alternatives and preferably one that is owned and operated by a verified corporate entity, such as the verified cloud mining service known as FinTech Mining.

Review Verdict: Binary Robot 365 is a SCAM!

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