Binary Robot Plus is another malicious SCAM posing as a seemingly legitimate trading software! Deceiving countless newbie day-traders out of their hard-earned money, Binary Robot Plus is quickly establishing a notorious reputation as a binary options software that cannot be trusted. If you are considering using Binary Robot Plus, just understand that you’ll have a better chance making money by winning the lottery than you would with this scam. Make sure to read our unbiased review to learn the truth behind Binary Robot Plus and why you cannot trust this binary options software scam.

Unraveling the Binary Robot Plus Scam

Hosted at, Binary Robot Plus appears at first glance as a legitimate and trustworthy investment software. However, as many of our subscribers know by now, looks can be deceiving and that is certainly the case with this investment software. Relying on fake reviews and phony stock images to manipulate traders out of their money, nothing about Binary Robot Plus is authentic.

If lying to your face with fake testimonials wasn’t enough already, the community feedback about this auto trading scam is horrific.  Blacklisted on numerous websites the most common complaint in regards to this binary options software would be the pathetic average winning percentage of only 45%. Not only is that significantly lower than the percentage needed to break even, but now the likelihood of your funds disappearing overnight are almost guaranteed. Some reports of overcharges exceeding over $500 coupled with a few identity theft situations is no joke. This is a malicious scam that should be avoided at all costs!


How Does Binary Robot Plus Work?

Binary Robot Plus claims to function by relying on signals created by “pro” traders, algorithms and indicators. Claiming that investors have the power to control which style of investing the software signals with is nothing but a deceptive lie. It isn’t until after you deposit that you will notice a particular trend to occur when changing between different trading settings with this software. This trend would be the same relative success rate no matter which combination of trading settings that you selected when using this scam software.

Although we suspected that this may be the case just like it was with the Option Robot Pro, Binary Robot Plus is probably nothing more than an algorithm that is designed to slowly lose your funds over a period of 24 to 72 hours. Let’s get the record straight here, there are zero professional traders working at As you can see in the images provided above and below, it is evident that the scammers behind this system are willing to do just about anything to deceive you out of your hard-earned money.

Binary Robot Plus – Our Experience

As you can imagine, our experience with this auto trader didn’t pan out so well.  Out of a total of 10 investments placed, only 4 of them won resulting in a 40% success rate.  It only took the software a total of 18 investments to drain all but $5 of our original $250 deposit. We believe our experience provided to you alone should be more than enough evidence to convince everyone that Binary Robot Plus cannot be trusted and is a scam!

BinaryRobotPlus Results

Binary Robot Plus – Scam or Legit?

Every element exhibited by Binary Robot Plus is fabricated and a lie! None of the testimonials provided by “users” of this software are real and are carried out by stock images. Generating an average success rate of only 45% is not only pathetic but down right embarrassing. For those of you who have been scammed by this software, please file a complaint with WatchDog!

Binary Robot Plus

Binary Robot Plus Conclusion – Malicious SCAM EXPOSED!

Binary Robot Plus is one of the worst trading software for binary options. Nothing about is authentic. If you come across any fake reviews or phony trading videos regarding this software scamm we urge you to report them to WatchDog so we can warn other day-traders who are at risk.

Review Verdict: Binary Robot Plus is a SCAM!

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