This conclusive BinaryMate review is the third and final part of our recent in-depth investigation into the menacing syndicate operating a network of binary options scam brokers. We have gathered a large amount of damming evidence against the BinaryMate scam, which will be laid out in the review below. We sincerely implore the trading community to read this review and be sure to obviate from any contact with Investing with this broker or any brands within their network, will only lead to serious financial loss,

BinaryMate is an online binary options and CFD broker, who opened their doors on the 11th August 2015. They offer much the same as their sinister sister brokers Binary Cent & Finrally. They utilize a customary in house proprietary web-trading platform and require a minimum deposit of $250, with guaranteed 1-hour withdrawals. What they offer their traders is not conducive to this review, as we certainly do not wish to promote them in any form. We are here solely with the purpose of deterring traders from engaging with BinaryMate. During our investigation into the corrupt company known as Finance Corp Group (FCG), which is located at 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu, we discovered that they own the brokers mentioned above, including the BinaryMate scam. FCG has been clever in distancing themselves from these online scam brokers by hiring different firms to operate and manage the various brokers. In the case of, a company called Affort Projects S.A operates them. This company lists their address as 306 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. It may be of interest to you to know the same company operates Finrally broker. Just look at the screen shots below taken from the user agreement of each site.

If you missed the first two parts of our investigation, you can catch up by reading first BinaryCent and then Finrally. Additionally, the BinBotPro scam software was also found to be involved. As this BinaryMate review is the conclusion, we have further proof that these three brokers are one in the same. All of them promote having the feature of a live video chat that is available 24/7 for support. What may come as a surprise is that while conducting research into the scam, we noticed that the exact same women were online at the same time on all three sites. This proves beyond question that all three scams brokers are actually the same, and are not independent of each other at all. It’s like one big scam family. The screen shots comparison below will prove this. Furthermore, as if this discovery isn’t bad enough, Binary Mate offers weekend trading just like the other two. Yes, you heard right, weekend trading. As the stock market is closed over the weekend and trading is not possible, at least not legitimate trading, we were left wondering how it is possible that the BinaryMate scam can offer this. We decided to ask this question while we had the various chat screens open. In all honesty, the reply we received from all 3 brokers, which was exactly the same and from the same woman, was as much a joke as the weekend trading itself.

BinaryMate is an unregulated broker. They do not hold the necessary licenses to operate as broker from either the SEC, CYSEC or ASIC regulatory bodies. You may come across certain promoters of this scam claiming that the Parent company of BinaryMate, Finance Corp Group, are registered in Vanuatu. Do not let this offer you a false sense of security. Vanuatu regulation requirements are not as strict as other countries and are known for harbouring many offshore companies due to its reputation as a tax haven. Additionally the cost of a license in Vanuatu is just $2000, which is the minimum capital requirement for brokerage firms set by the VSFC. The cost of a CYSEC license for example is upwards of €730,000; this number alone serves to deter any scam brokers who’s in it to steal money and re-brand.

Since Watchdog began posting the first reviews concerning this criminal network of scam brokers, Our email inbox has become inundated with stories from traders all over the world on how they were scammed by at least one of these brokers and asking us for advice on what to do about it. In relation to BinaryMate, the number of complaints is now well into the hundreds. While each person’s story is just as important as the next, we simply cannot mention each and every one in our BinaryMate review. What we can do is summarize though, as a lot of them are similar in nature. The most common complaint and tactic we noted they use to steal money was price changes during placement delays. In fact, BinaryMate scam platform has become quite famous at delaying acceptance of trades which ultimately cause the traders to lose as they were unable to hit their required strike rate. Another common complaint traders mentioned is that the platform would suddenly ‘update’ during the middle of placing a trade. This results in being logged out of the account. By the time customers are able to log back in, the trade has gone the wrong way.

Review Verdict: BinaryMate is a Scam!
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We hope that this BinaryMate review has been able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle for you, so you can clearly see how getting involved with them is damaging to your financial health. The people behind BinaryMate scam as well as their sister brokers have created a sophisticated and complex operation whose sole purpose is to steal from innocent and unsuspecting traders. For the sake of our community we urge anyone who has had any issues with or been scammed by the network of scammers , to openly share their experiences in the comment section below. The more people who read this review and share, the less can continue to harm investors. Visit Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers for regulated and reliable alternatives.


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