We just learned of a new BinBot Pro funnel called BinaryRobo X. Now, there is bound to be a confusion about this website, found at binaryrobox.com, the reason being that it leads to BinBotPro. So here’s a short review to explain what Binary Robo X and whether it and BinBot Pro are scams or legit trading opportunities.


What is Binary Robo X

First of all, Binary Robo X is not a software. It’s just a webpage, leading to the BinBotPro website. When you sign up with BinBotPro via binaryrobox.com, the creator of this site gets a commission. Unfortunately, not even in the Disclaimer, and not even with small letters, nowhere could we find the required FTC disclaimer where the clients are informed of the fact that this is an affiliate website.

There’s no information on the Contact page and they use a privacy service to hide their identity from the public. Therefore, there’s no way to find out who is behind this site.

BinaryRobox Contant Information

It’s empty…. the social icons lead nowhere.

Can You Make Money With This Software?

To make things worse, Binary Robo X claims to allow you to “GET FULL ACCESS TO THE SOFTWARE THAT MAKES $2,300 EVERY SINGLE DAY.” Can it really? No. Not at all. Bin Bot Pro is a binary options trading system which allows you to create your own trading robots based on selected assets and indicators. It’s an advanced tool to be used only be experienced day traders. Even though there are preset robots to allow even beginners to use the system, we wouldn’t recommend that for the simple reason that a robot that’s based solely on technical analysis cannot make money. There are always fundamental factors to be taken into consideration. An experienced trader would be aware of such factors and conduct proper fundamental analysis before trading specific assets.

But even when used by experienced traders, you will not make $2,300 every single day. Not even $1,000. Probably not even $500 a day. Why? Well, since BinBot Pro works on a binary options trading platform, when you make money, the broker has to pay it. When you lose money, the money you lose goes to your broker. So obviously a broker cannot allow their traders to make more money than other people lose. Let’s say that 90% of their clients lose $1,000 per day. The 10% remaining profitable clients will not be allowed to make more than this same amount, otherwise the broker loses money.

So is it not possible to make money with the software? Is it really true, like another review site claims, that “it is a scam made to lose your cash?” No. The truth is somewhere in the middle. If you’re an experienced trader who knows how to set up a profitable robot and are capable of conducting proper fundamental analysis, then you can aim to earn $100-300 per day. Once you do, quit for the day. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting your account closed.

Non-Relevant Information!

Most of the information available on BinaryRobox.com is outdated and refers to a different software. For example, check out their FAQ in the below image. Apparently, they used to advertise Binary Option Robot.

BinaryRobo-X FAQ page

They didn’t even take the time to modify the information about the previous scam they were promoting…

The only place we found some truth and real warnings were on the BinaryRoboX disclaimer and terms of service. Make sure to read them carefully if you’re going to sign up.

Some Interesting Facts Regarding BinaryRoboX.com

  • The website was first registered on April 2016.
  • The owner of the site chose to hide their identity by using a Privacy Service.
  • At the time of writing, the domain’s Alexa.com Global Rank was 5,271,792, meaning it was barely getting any traffic.
  • According to SimilarWeb.com, almost 50% of their traffic comes from Italy. Other significant sources of visitors include Brazil (20%), Slovakia, Peru and the United States.
  • The website is mainly promoted via YouTube and Facebook.
  • It’s possible that BinaryRoboX was an affiliate of a different software in the past, probably BinaryOptionRobot. They didn’t even take the time to make adjustments to their website and they refer to BinBotPro as Binary Option Robot.
  • The attached video from BinBotPro.com showing how the software is used is fake.

WHOIS BinaryRoboX

To Sum Up this Review… is Binary Robo X a SCAM?

Not sure I’d call it a scam because there’s not an actual product sold by them. It’s just one page with an ad. A very misleading and illegal ad. If you are an experienced trader and you’d like to try BinBot Pro, then go ahead. You can do so directly on binbotpro.com or sign up through one of their affiliates, keeping in mind that it won’t work well if you’re not an experienced trader and that it’s illegal in the US and Canada.

If you do sign up via an affiliate website, make sure you’re getting something in return. With Michael Freeman’s BinBotPro campaign, for example, you will be getting FREE access to his amazing signals group so that seems to be a much better deal. When the software fails on you, at least you will be a member of the best binary options signal service and will be able to recoup your losses.

Review Verdict: BinaryRobo-X is MISLEADING! 

Blacklisted Website: binaryrobox.com

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