Using BinaryRobot365 software to trade BO is like using a nuclear bomb to spread butter on your toast. It just is not going to work and more than likely will result in massive collateral damage to you and everyone around you. BinaryRobot365 scam software is designed with one sole purpose, that being to rip you off, steal your money, and drain your investing account before you know what hit you. This is not a program that you want to use by any means. It is dangerous, it is malicious, and it will mercilessly take you for everything that you have.

This BinaryRobot365 scam review is dedicated to all of the Forex and binary options traders out there, to the people that just want to make a bit of a supplemental income. We are doing this to benefit anybody who might use this software without really thinking about it. Do not mistake this trading service for something that will bring you good and happiness, because it is anything but that. BinaryRobot365 software will bring you nothing but big debt and lots of misery. Why is that?

There was something extremely suspicious about this junk software which we noticed right from the get go. We did not notice this upon first glance, but when we looked at this program a little closer, we realized that it is in fact nothing new at all. Yes, BinaryRobot365 scam software is a total rip off in the sense that it will steal your cash, but it is also a rip off in another crucial way. What we mean is that this program is just a repackaged version of several older malicious scams, all of which we had already busted at some point in the past.

This trading platform is a total replication of XpressMoneyBot, Free Robot Signals and XTrade Binary. All three of those programs were scams, they were all the same thing with a different name, and the same goes for BinaryRobot365 software. This program was created by the same group of scammers, it looks virtually the same, and it steals your money in the same way. It is simply a really old and horrible scam with a new name.

BinaryRobot365 App – Who Runs The Show?

Another obvious sign that this whole thing is a total money stealing scheme has to do with the people in charge of it all. Whenever you invest money with any kind of service, you definitely want to know who is running the show and who is handling your money. Unfortunately, we are unable to give you any real info in regards to this. The presentation video is nothing more than a few graphics and a voice narrator. We automatically get really nervous and suspicious whenever we are faced with narration, especially when we are never provided with a company name, the name of a person, or anything else that would tell us who created the piece of trading software in question.

The bottom line is that you can never trust any kind of binary options or Forex trading platform when you do not know who created it, who programmed it, and who owns it. The obvious reason why these people stay anonymous and hidden in the shadows is because they are doing something illegal. They just don’t want to show their faces or reveal their names because they know doing so would result in hefty fines and big time prison sentences.

BinaryRobot 365 Scam Software – A Fake Demo

Yet another thing that makes BinaryRobot 365 software an obvious attempt at defrauding you has to do with the demo account we are shown. Apparently, we can sign up for a free demo account that uses fake money in real life trading scenarios to demonstrate how the program works. This is all well and good, aside from the fact that it is total bull crap. Every single last trade shown in the demo account is always a winner, with no losing trades ever.

The reason for this is because the trading sessions are totally fabricated, made up, and do not reflect real life trading in any way, shape, or form. This is even mentioned in the fine print disclaimer at the bottom of the page. More or less, the demo account is totally fake and meant only to lure you into signing up. The demo account is in no way real, accurate, or reflective of what actual binary options or Forex trading is like.

How Is BinaryRobot 365 Software Supposed To Work

Well, we don’t know, plain and simple. We are never provided with a sufficient or even barely reasonable explanation of how the software actually works to make a profit. Pretty much, we are told that BinaryRobot365 scam software makes trades, it makes them fast, and it makes them well. Kind of sounds like Donald Trump talking about, well, virtually anything he ever talks about! It makes no sense, is totally meaningless, and does nothing to further anybody’s knowledge.

When we invest money with any kind of trading service, we want to know how it works, what strategies are in place, what methods and doctrines are being followed, and so much more. You should never trust any kind of trading service that refuses to give a decent explanation in terms of what it does. Heck, even a rudimentary explanation would have been better than what is supplied to us by BinaryRobot365 trading software.

BinaryRobot365 Scam Review – Final Verdict

After all is said and done, our opinion of this horrible piece of trading software has not changed one bit. We assumed that it was a fraudulent farce simply when we saw its name, and now that we have done a ton of research on it, our suspicions have been confirmed. Nothing told to us by the crooks behind this program is remotely true. This dangerous software is here to steal your hard earned money, not to help you make more of it.

BinaryRobot365 is quite a popular piece of software, surprisingly. It attracts people from many countries, especially India, Germany, the UK, South Africa and the USA. At the time of writing,’s global Alexa rank was 149,012.

Review Verdict: BinaryRobot365 is a SCAM!

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