Binabotpro is a scam beyond any reasonable doubt and we have all the evidence you need! It is of critical importance that you read this BinBot Pro review carefully. We have come across some disturbing information about this extremely dangerous binary options scam and if you are associated with you could potentially find yourself in a lot of trouble. We urge all traders to consider the facts provided in our review below for their own safety and peace of mind.

Binbot Pro is an automated software for trading binary options that allegedly uses up to 20 different robots, each with their own supposed unique combinations of indicators and success rates. The software scam has been around for many months now as we discovered the site was first registered on the 7th July 2016. How they have managed to stick around for so long with their sickening scam Is beyond our comprehension. Additionally, as we find with most scams, the site was registered anonymously. By now you should know that this is highly concerning, especially when it comes to investments. Right off the bat we are left with questions as we have no idea who actually owns and created the nauseating scam site. Furthermore, upon visiting the site we noted that BinBot Pro does not provide their potential customers with any information about who is actually behind the robot or who created it. There is no presentation video showing the CEO or founder of the software, there is no contact page detailing support information, telephone number or email address. There is literally no information available at all. For a site pertaining to investments, this is quite disconcerting to say the least. Do you truly know with whom you are making a deposit to here?

Instead of the usual pitch video, we are presented with a video demonstrating user’s experience with the robot. I suppose it should come as no surprise that once again we have no idea who is presenting the video. All we see is a screen recording of an unknown man allegedly trading with the BinBot Pro scam software and of course making profits. Unfortunately, what you are being shown is not a live account. It is a demo. As in most scam cases the demo being used to trade with is rigged to show consistent profitable results. When you finally trade with a live account things go horribly wrong. While on the topic of demo trading accounts, it is important to mention another tactic in which the BinBot Pro scam entices traders into depositing money with them. As has been seen before in other previously exposed scams such as Automated Binary Systems and Option Robot, which by the way is almost identical too. After registering on their site, they offer you a trial version of the software so traders may test the auto-trader before depositing any funds with one of their associated brokers. This is nothing but a demo account set up exclusively to show only winning trades. Once the trader sees the fake profit accumulating, they feel confident enough to make a deposit and start trading live. However, as many users have reported, the live version is the complete opposite of the trial and most traders are left with an account balance of zero within days.

Although the above matters are concerning we have uncovered even more alarming information. The main purpose of this urgent BinBot Pro review is to protect traders. While conducting extensive research on this scam software we noted that the fraud website is marketed as being available in all countries including the USA. In fact, the most common marketing ine we see everywhere is ‘BinBotPro Software Available in USA & Canada’ this is in fact 100% illegal. The reason for stating that Bin Bot Pro is operating illegally is as only regulated binary exchanges such as are legal in the United States. The brokers found to be in association with are not licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions (CFTC) or the Securities & Exchange Commissions (SEC). The brokers we found to be currently accepting US residents who signup with BinBot Pro scam are Binary Cent, BinaryMate and Finrally. Both of these binary options brokers are unregulated. In fact, most brokers who operate outside the US are registered with either the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC), or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Binary Cent, BinaryMate & Finrally who are known scam brokers don’t hold any of those licenses. Therefore, they are illegally soliciting and accepting funds from United States citizens.

BinBotPro Review Verdict: BinBotPro is a Scam!
Blacklisted site:
Blacklisted Brokers: Binary Cent, BinaryMate & Finrally

If you take the time to consider all the facts and information we have laid out in this BinBotPro review, you will understand why we are listing this binary options robot as one of the most dangerous scams we have come across to date. It is no wonder whoever is behind this fraudulent software is overly secretive of their identity. Anyone involved in an illegal operation on such a high level would also be hiding. Furthermore, any persons found to be promoting this fraudulent service should also be concerned as they too can face legal ramifications for soliciting US citizens to unregulated brokers and trading with BinBotPro scam software.

Don’t let scammers get away with your money. will help you get a refund! will do our part in raising the alarm and notifying the relevant authority organizations such as the CFTC, SEC, IC3 and maybe even the FBI in order to try and bring this entire criminal operation to a grinding halt. However, we need the help of the trading community as well. You can do your part by also reporting this to the relevant authorities as well as sharing this review everywhere so as to prevent any further traders falling victim to such a disgusting scam! We encourage you to share your feedback related to this software and brokers, as well as any related services.

Our most recommended alternative would be FXMasterBot!

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