BinBot Pro Software has been around for quite some time now, going on a whole year in fact. Simply put, the fact that it has already been around for so long is a testament to how profitable, accurate, and reliable it is. If this trading app were not legit or accurate, it would not have survived the test of time. It’s a pretty cool automated trading bot for a variety of reasons, the least of which include the fact that it is profitable, easy to use, and so highly versatile too.

In terms of binary options trading, this BinBot Pro app is one of the best systems in the business. It has served us well time and time again, something we just cannot deny. One thing that is so neat about this BinBot Pro system is the fact that you can actually create your own trading bot with it, which is really cool no doubt. Yes, it comes with many of its own pre-made bots that you can choose from, which is already nice.

However, being able to actually create your own bot with its own parameters is something that has never really been seen before. You can choose the settings and parameters that work best for you, which is every traders dream for sure. Today we are here doing this BinBot Pro review in order to tell you all about this do it yourself trading bot feature that has helped so many people out there make a lot of money through binary options trading, and that includes us too.


BinBot Pro Software – Creating Your Own Bot

Now, what we need to say about creating your own bot with the BinBot Pro system is that it does take some knowledge. It is not one of those things where you can just click on a button and the money starts to roll in. You have to be pretty familiar with the system itself, the platform, and with binary options trading terminology too. However, we are going to do our best to explain to you how to create your own trading algorithm with the BinBot Pro system, one that will work best for you.

  1. First things first, you actually have to select one of the bots that already exists. Yes, the BinBot Pro app comes with many bots/algorithms already made. So, when choosing the one you want to edit, make sure to choose one that you are sure that you will not want to use.
  1. Now, run the bot that you have chosen, but click on stop immediately. At the top of the page, you will see a link that reads “edit the robot”. This is what you want to click in order to start configuring the algorithm to your exact needs.
  1. The next step to take is to rename your bot. Change the name to something that suits you. For example, the bot we made is all about US trading news releases. So, we named it “US NEWS RELEASE V1”. As you can see, this bot is going to be focused around US News releases. This is because this bot is actually going to be used to NOT TRADE WITH USA CURRENCY.
  1. The next step is to choose the indicators that you want to use. This BinBot Pro software comes with 6 indicators located at the bottom, each of which tells you something else about the market in relation to a specific currency. Here, for this bot, and for the BinBot Pro app in general, you really only need 3 of them. You don’t want all of them being on because they can actually conflict with each other when trading.
  1. For this particular bot, the only indicators that we want to use are the RVI, RSI, and the CCI. So, deselect all of the other ones to turn them off, only leaving these 3 active. Also, make sure that all 3 of these indicators are set to 2, not 1 or 3, but 2. This will mean that the automated trades which BinBot Pro software places will be steady and stable.
  1. Now, switch off all of the pairs with USD contained in the pair, as this bot is meant for trading when US news releases happen, so you do not want to trade with USD at that time.
  1. The robot is now complete and you can begin trading with it. If you like, switch it on and the BinBot Pro system will begin executing profitable trades, ones that do not include USD.


Our BinBot Pro Robot Trading Results

Seeing as we just created our own trading bot, you probably want to know how it worked out for us. Well, we have to say that we were pleasantly surprised and very impressed here with our own US NEWS RELEASE V1 BOT that we just created ourselves. The Bot we just created ourselves provided us with 4 straight wins in a matter of minutes, which is of course totally awesome.

For these trades, we invested around $120 per trade, so close to $500 invested in 4 trades. Our payout for these trades was close to $900. The total profit we made here was just around $400, which was accomplished in under 1 hour of automated trading. As you can see, we did barely any work at all, we made our own bot, and we managed to make $400 in pretty much no time at all.

BinBot Pro Review – Conclusion

As you can see, the BinBot Pro system is most likely the very most versatile trading bot out there right now, at least when it comes to more or less creating your own system. Being able to choose all of the settings yourself helps you execute the trades that will serve you best and help to put the most money in your pocket. If you have not tried using the BinBot Pro trading app yet, we would definitely recommend doing so at once.


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