You must check this very important Bitchair review. It is becoming a common occurrence to see one new cryptocurrency scam released every day. Just the other day, I came across the Bitchair Crypto Currency Investment Company and decided to look into it. If you have already fallen victim of their lies, this is to save you from future loss. But if you’re yet to invest in the bitchair scam, you should read my honest Bitchair review and find out everything you need to know about the system. Does it work? Is it legit? Will you earn money? Stick with me as I walk you through the answers to your troubling questions.

Bitchair Review- Is It A Working Crypto Currency Investment Plan Or A Scam?

The Bitchair Crypto-Mining Solution is a supposed cryptocurrency mining company found on It is a self-proclaimed High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) that promises daily returns of between 10% and 15% on your one-time investment for a lifetime. On the website, the company states that it offers trust assets management as well as a profitable platform for trading bitcoins. It also provides a UK Company Registration code as you can see below;

However, I have discovered that the company that Bitchair Investment platform hides under is only registered for tax purposes. They are not certified or licensed by any regulatory body to provide cryptocurrency mining services or assets management services.

What are the Bitchair Products/Offerings?

Basically, the Bitchair Company offers two major services; bitcoin exchanges and trading, as well as referrals. By trading bitcoins, the company promises 10%, 12%, and 15% daily returns. This means a monthly return of between 300% and 450%. There is no way this is possible legitimately. You can see the claim for yourself;

The other offering is the Bitchair Affiliate program which requires you to refer the platform to other people and get a commission. It promises two different kinds of commission for your referral work; a direct referral for 5% commission and the second level referral that pays 1%. You can see this on the website;

This is just another way to get you to help them swindle other people and promote their business in the process. scammers behind Bitchair website expect you to popularize their business by sharing it with your relatives and friends, all for 6%. Moreover, I am yet to find those who have benefitted from this offering.

Bitchair Cryptocurrency Investment Company- A Brief!

The Bitchair bitcoin company was founded in August 2017 by an anonymous person or group of persons. It is a supposed online investment system that says that it carries out mining and trading of bitcoins. It promises high investment yields to traders. Bitchair website claims that it is located in London and publishes the address; 28 Millharbour, London, United Kingdom, E14 9TX. It can be used in all countries and has a Minimum Investment of 0.001BTC and a Minimum Withdrawal of 0.0005 BTC.

About Bitchair Investment Plans!

Although I have briefly mentioned these plans before, let me explain them in a way that you will better understand them. There are three major investment plans with the Bitchair Cryptocurrency platform. They are;

This 10% daily Bitchair ROI plan promises a 10% return on investment. For this Bitchair plan, the minimum investment you can make is 0.001 BTC up to a maximum investment of 10 BTC.

BitChair Investment Plan

The 12% daily ROI investment plan promises a return of 12% on any investment made. However, you cannot invest less than 10.001 BTC or higher than 50 BTC.

This is the last Bitchair cryptocurrency investment plan I’ll discuss. It attracts the highest investment ranging from a minimum of 50.001 BTC and a maximum of 300 BTC. The return on investment stands at 15%.

Does Bitchair Website Really Pay?

Now we have come to the part of this Bitchair review that will interest you. If you’re referring to the two payout peanuts you’ll get as the enticement, then yes, you can say they pay. However, this is a mere trick to deceive you so you can invest a larger amount of money that will be stolen. Plus, it does NOT pay for a lifetime as it promises. The payout you might get if you’re lucky is not even up to your investment.

Also, bitchair withdrawals are not as quick as they make it seem. The people behind the Bitchair scam are more interested in the referrals you will do for them because that is how they get more unsuspecting members of the public to steal from

Bitchair BitCoin Trading Platform. Is It a Scam?

It is important to note that Bitchair is a SCAM! There are several red flags that I’ll like to reveal to you about this bitchair bitcoin mining System so that you will think twice the next time you want to invest in it.

  • Anonymous Ownership Of Bitchair Company:

The first thing you should consider about such online trading systems is ownership. It is important to know who the owner is and check the credibility of such person(s). With Bitchair scam website, the situation is more troubling because there is no known owner. The owner of the platform is anonymous. What this means is that you will be entrusting your money in the hands of a total stranger. The consequence is that you will not even know who to hold responsible when things go wrong.

Another red flag that makes Bitchair cryptosystem very suspicious is the ridiculous claim of between 10% and 15% every day. The truth is, trading in cryptocurrency is not that straightforward. There is no way you can always make a profit every day. In fact, to claim that you will continue to make a profit makes it sound more like a Ponzi scheme and not a trading system. That means they require continuous investments from new members to even be able to pay you, and it’s always short term.

BitChair Limited Scam

  • Unregulated Bitchair Investment System:

Also, the Bitchair scam crypto mining system is unregulated because it is not a valid system. It is not registered or licensed as an assets management company as it claims, neither is it legally recognized as a bitcoin mining system. This is another reason it is a big scam and you should stay away from it.

  • Bitchair Withdrawals and HYIP Risks:

Like several HYIP systems before it, Bitchair Investment plan is also a scam system that may only work for a very short time. HYIP systems are like Ponzi schemes and they cannot be sustained because of the way most of them operate. There are only a few legitimate ones that actually work, but unfortunately, bitchair scam website is not one of them.

  • Bitchair Company Is Running a Illegitimate Business:

When a company carries out businesses it is not licensed to carry out, it means it is involved in an illegitimate business. I don’t know about you, but nobody would want to invest money in a business that doesn’t have a legal backing. When you lose your money, you won’t be able to take the matter to regulators because the business is not licensed to operate in the first place.

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Conclusion- Stay Clear From Bitchair Scam Website. Invest at Your Own Risk!

This Bitchair review has been able to point out all the details you need to know about the Bitchair scam system. I’m not sure you need to be told to stay away from the platform. If you actually need a legit system to trade with, there are some good ones out there, but this is NOT one of them. If you don’t believe me, you can try it yourself. You will come back and tell me your sad experience.

BitChair Review :- Fake Crypto Investment & Mining Site Exposed !!

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