You must read this BitCoin Code Review if you ever think about jumping into BitCoin trading. Chances are that the majority of people interested in binary trading will be well aware of the Bitcoin crypto currency. The Bitcoin Code software seeks to exploit this by pretending to be a trading system that is – even by scam standards – generating ludicrous daily income. The reality, of course, is that all the villains want people to do is plunge their hard earned cash into their horrible little con.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen scammers attempt to use this route to promote their scams, but be assured that Bitcoin Code Review website has absolutely zilch to do with Bitcoin. These guys just want your dollars and will preach a staggering number of lies in order to get it. Do not be tempted! Read this comprehensive Bitcoin Code review for all the proof needed to expose a particularly awful scam

BitCoin Code Review- Hidden Lies Behind BitCoin Code Scam.

Just so you’re clear from the very start dear reader, Bitcoin Code software is a total scam. The good news is that it’s only been up for a short while – the bad news is that already plenty of people have fallen for it. Even by scam standards the Bitcoin code website and the promotional movie makes unbelievable use of fake testimonials, images ripped from the web and old fashioned lies. Seriously this is one of the most brazen examples of this we’ve seen in a long while. Honestly, it’s difficult to know where to start!

Let’s start this BitCoin Code Review with ‘Steve McKay’ the alleged CEO of the Bitcoin Code App who has made nearly $100m using his software! Steve’s apparently so nice he’s now giving away a free membership to a lucky few. Told you these guys don’t hold back on the fantasy. The reality, of course, is that Steve McKay doesn’t exist – but the gentleman in the picture does. A quick Google search turns out that he’s a Frenchman with absolutely no connection to binary trading. The crooks actually running the Bitcoin Code scam just decided to use a photo of him (quite a dashing fella) to promote their fraud. Totally without permission – but then they’re criminals so it’s not exactly unexpected.

The same is true for the cheap Fiverr actors used in the promotional movie. These two characters are regulars on the scam circuit and in this case claim to be making over $5500 a day thanks to the Bitcoin Code software. Obviously, this is why they’re both sat in dingy, badly lit untidy rooms….

Who is Behind BitCoin Code Software?

As if the gross use of a stolen identity (all the testimonial pictures on the Bitcoin Code website have also been stolen) isn’t enough to demonstrate that this is a total scam, let’s move onto the marketing and earning claims part of this Bit Coin code review. Even by scam standards, they’re crazy. One of the many fake testimonials claims that she’s made over a half million in the six months she’s been using the Bitcoin Code software. Anyone with even the most basic understanding of binary trading will know that is impossible. Even the best legit software does well to win 85-90% on a good day and isn’t going to make six figures in six months.

It gets even worse though. You see not only are the people who have invested in this BitCoin Code scam all apparently young and gorgeous – we’re supposed to believe they all hang out together! That’s right they meet up all the time to chill out on luxury ships and only need to spend a couple of minutes a day on their laptops to rake in that sweet daily $5500. The rest of the time is just cavorting about at their leisure.

Bitcoin Code Scam

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a binary scam just pulls out a new trick so incredulous it’s difficult not to chuckle. But of course, Bitcoin Code System is no laughing matter. Somehow they’re succeeding at suckering people into dealing with them. All of what we’ve exposed so far newcomers simply won’t be aware of. A few may even be conned by the classic rapidly depleting amount of ‘places left’ on the Bitcoin Code Review website, and even the ‘last chance’ warning when you try and navigate clear of these crooks. Seriously they’ll try anything to convince people to sign up.

What Actually Happens When You Join Bit Coin Code Program ?

Usually with binary scams when you enter your fake email address to gain access, you’re taken to another section of the website really employing sell hard sale tactics. Not so with the Bitcoin Code review website though. These guys put you right through to the website of one of their unregulated, untraceable brokers who pay them a commission for sending through fresh victims. We tried it twice and were directed to different brokers – 10 markets and 888.trader – both notorious scam brokers who just run away with and deposited funds. You’ll never get your money back. Would you trust the ‘services’ of any binary signals provider who uses crooks to manage their supposed client’s funds?

Beware of  The False BitCoin Code Review Sites!

Bitcoin Code Software

As mentioned the Bitcoin Code platform has only been up a few weeks at the time of writing – so it’s pretty amazing that somehow they have members who have made a half million over six months. However once again they know all too well that their target audience – total newcomers – won’t go to the effort of checking up on that.

Just as bad is that even over such a relatively short time frame they’ve made heavy use of scam friendly Bitcoin code review sites who have accredited them five-star reviews. Beware – they’re just as bad as the scammers. Avoid their shameless promotion on social media too. In fact, do the decent thing and let anyone you know who may also be unlucky enough to be exposed to the Bitcoin Code program adverts the true nature of these crooks.

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Conclusion :- The Bit Coin Code is a Confirmed Scam!!!

The Bitcoin Code App is as clear-cut a scam as money can buy. It’s absolutely shameless in the way it constantly lies about literally every aspect of not just their ‘service’ but also the whole business of binary trading. Anyone who is not convinced by the evidence just demonstrated is crazy! Really reckon a bunch of glamorous young pups are hanging out together using binary trading of Bitcoin, no less, to rake in a fortune with no effort? Sorry but it’s total fantasy and not of the good kind. Do not under any circumstances feel remotely inclined to even visit the BitCoin review website out of curiosity. The Bitcoin Code Application is an utter scam!

BitCoin Code Review :- Evidences Exposing Bit Coin Code Scam !

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