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Broker Bitcoin Evolution
Website URL www.bitcoin-evolution.com
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, E-mail
Payout 90%
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, Master, Maestro, Wire Transfer, Bancontact, CashU, iDeal, WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill Moneybookers
Number of Assets 80+
Overall Score 9.1/10

Bitcoin Evolution Full Review

Bitcoin Evolution Software is a newly-founded trading app. It is created by experienced investors, tech-savvy developers, and professional graphic designers. The surprising thing is that it has managed to generate positive feedback on part of the digital trading community. It also has a lot to offer. Its special features include an educational and news section to keep clients updated on asset price movements. Also, there is 24/7 customer care in different languages, advanced trading strategies, and two operational modes – an assistance one and a manual one.

It is no secret that the digital currency market is one of the most lucrative markets to invest in at the moment. Although digital currencies are extremely volatile by nature, you may generate good returns if you make the right trading decisions.

Over the past couple of years, a number of trading systems have been launched to assist investors with their trading tasks. The one we are going to look at in this review is called the Bitcoin Evolution.

So is Bitcoin Evolution the ultimate tool that you can use to attain success in trading? Can this tool give you financial independence?

These questions will be answered in our comprehensive review of Bitcoin Evolution Software. To be honest, you will be shocked at what we have discovered. Unlike many other trading apps, it is not a scam. The fact is that this investment software is completely legit and authentic.

Bitcoin Evolution Official Website

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Evolution is Not a Scam

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Bitcoin Evolution Software Basics – What Is It? Who Are the Creators?

Founded by experienced investors and professional developers, Bitcoin Evolution is a software that focuses on all asset categories. It even offers CFDs (contract-for-differences) which can be purchased and sold at any given moment in time. This is done to achieve even more daily gains. It was released a few months ago and it has managed to deliver good results every single week since then.

According to its developer, Bitcoin Evolution works faster and more efficiently than any other tool that is currently available on the market. By using the methods, he has incorporated into this trading system, he has managed to maximize his results and now he wants to give others the chance to generate significant wealth just like he did.

special features

The software looks pretty cool and our in-depth analysis reveals that it has many useful special features. Genuine trading systems will allow you to configure every aspect of its setting so you can trade according to your preferences. Bitcoin Evolution Software is also one of them as such flexibility is allowed. Traders are left to trade with the sent signals manually or using the assistance mode which provides help and guidance.

Regarding the quality of the signals, it can be said that they are accurate. So far, this trading software has enabled many users to generate and achieve positive results. It simply works the way that it was advertised and supposed to.

Did You Know?

Emotional trading should be completely excluded when one starts investing in a given asset. Every person is entitled to the way he or she feels but letting anger or dissatisfaction get to you makes you prone to mistakes. Try and keep a cool head. If one can’t control one’s emotions, it is best to take a break and stop trading for a couple of hours. The performance and results will certainly improve after that.

A Word About Its Operational Process

The goal of their promo video is to get you to create an account with them and deposit funds. They have stated that you can get free access, but you must keep in mind that this won’t happen until you deposit at least $250 with the broker they assign to you.

You cannot choose your own broker, but you will have to register with the one they recommend. Once your deposit is added, you will be able to activate the software and use its signals. But the problem here is that the software is not configurable. You will have to rely on the signals it generates by itself and in this case, they are produced randomly.

Bitcoin Evolution works more like a random number generating machine. This is the reason the trades are unsuccessful and they lead to losses for investors. It is important for you to know that when you deposit funds, it is held by the broker and if that broker is unregulated, then chances are you will never see those funds again.

This is exactly what happens when you partner with Bitcoin Evolution. The software works with untrustworthy brokers to steal funds from their users.

Interesting Fact:

According to a recent survey, at least one in every ten internet users have been a victim of some kind of internet scam or fraud. The majority that have lost monetary amounts to online scammers fall in the 55-70 age group.

How to Sign Up for Bitcoin Evolution Software & Open a Trading Account?

Clients can get started with this online trading tool in the blink of an eye. There is nothing too complicated about the way it works. Users simply have to enter a couple of best details into a digital form they will see at Bitcoin Evolution Software’s official website. They must remember to type in a valid and up-to-date telephone number so that they can be contacted by a representative of a partnering platform.

sign up

The call will seek to confirm the opening of a trading account. Its other purpose is to clarify any uncertainties that might be present. Users will receive constant guidance and support. The data encryption protocols are 256-bit ones. They also work to ensure maximum security of personal data. There have been no reports of information leakage.

Here are the 3 simple steps to signing up with Bitcoin Evolution Software:

  1. Register Free
  2. Make Initial Investment & Open Trading Account
  3. Trade & Accumulate Good Results

What Is the Average Cost to Trading with Bitcoin Evolution Software?

The creators of this online trading tool have stated that users can get free access. This is absolutely true. There are no hidden fees or additional costs. The only kind of monetary payment that one must make is the initial investment which is used to fund the trading account. It’s minimum amount is $250 and they are used entirely for investment purposes. If one is not content and satisfied with the daily results, one can always request a refund.

Once the initial deposit is added, the client will be able to activate the software and use its signals. The software is easily configurable and the investment alerts are not produced randomly. This is exactly what happens when you partner with Bitcoin Evolution. The trading software works with trustworthy brokers that do not steal funds from their users.

Interesting Fact:

According to a recent survey, at least one in every ten Internet users have been a victim of some kind of Internet scam or fraud. The majority that has lost monetary amounts to online scammers fall in the 55-70 age group. Making false promises is a common strategy that is used by most online scammers. The digital currency markets are highly volatile and they can react in any manner at any time. There are many factors that contribute to the price fluctuations of digital assets.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Evolution is Not a Scam

Visit Bitcoin Evolution Official Website


Is Bitcoin Evolution a Scam or Legit Trading App?

After much consideration and an in-depth investigation, carried out online in order to determine the scam or legit status of this trading software, we can say that it belongs to the reliable, authentic, and trustworthy category. There is no mandatory downloading of any updates. The manual and assistance mode of operation address the preferences of the different types of investors. Settings are easily configurable.

There is an abundance of useful special features and tools. The news and educational sections are stellar, allowing clients to further expand their trading horizons and acquire new skills. Results are generated daily and the deposit and withdrawal procedures are quick.

All in all one will be making the right decision if one decides to opt for the legit and reliable Bitcoin Evolution Software.

How Is Bitcoin Evolution Software’s 24/7 Customer Support?

The customer care team of this online investment tool is considered to be very attentive. They go through specific training which teaches them how to treat the clients in different types of situations in order to best address their individual needs. User feedback and reviews online confirm that the members of the client support team have a friendly tone and an attentive attitude.


Bitcoin Evolution Software is a legit and genuine trading software. It manages to deliver the promised, achieving good and consistent daily results. The trading app offers a lot of useful special features and manages to keep customers satisfied. It would be a mistake not to sign up for it.

The number of daily spots is limited. Clients who wish to secure one of the freely-available daily spots must be quick. There are lots of people that try to get a hold of one. The investment software is that good.

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