Misleading paid actors, fabricated trading results and a poor winning percentage are just among a few of the symptoms exhibited by the Bitcoin Millionaire SCAM! Claiming to have generated a profit of over $900 million dollars to date when the website bitcoinmillionaire.today was only created on June 30th, 2017 is not only outlandish but straight up ludicrous. Don’t believe a word that the alleged creator “Victor Gray” has to say and learn why you should avoid this ridiculous auto trading scam at all costs by reading our unbiased review!


Without a doubt the most dangerous element associated with the Bitcoin Millionaire scam would be the promotional video that is used to lure gullible traders out of their finances. Right off the back, Victor Grey claims that this automated trading software is free of charge, however let us set the record straight here, the Bitcoin Millionaire is NOT free! In fact, investors will be required to depart with a minimum of $250 to $500 depending on the broker they are required to deposit with. Now as many of you know by now, it isn’t until after you sign up and fund your account that you are given access to this highly inaccurate trading platform.

Debunking the Bitcoin Millionaire Scam

Due to the outrageous claims asserted on bitcoinmillionaire.today, it is quite easy to debunk all legitimate appearing characteristics of this scam. The marketing approach is nothing we haven’t seen before with scams that we have previously exposed. Claiming that if you use their software you can make thousands of dollars per day, buy the dream home you’ve always wanted along with easily afford luxurious sport vehicles are among a few of the misleading claims made throughout the incredibly dull and absolute horse shit pitch video.

WHOIS bitcoinmillionaire.today

Relying on paid actors from fiverr.com, a cheap online marketplace, you can see for yourself that you are being lied to at bitcoinmillionaire.today. All of the testimonials provided are fake and were purchased with the sole intent of misleading newbie day-traders out of their hard-earned money. Don’t believe a word that comes spewing out of the mouths of these elementary paid actors, it is obvious that they don’t care for your well-being and are willing to say just about anything for a quick buck.

Bitcoin Millionaire Today is a SCAM!

How Does Bitcoin Millionaire Work?

That is the million dollar question that we are still trying to figure out. No explanation on the functionality of this auto trader is ever presented to us throughout the pitch video. Instead the only enlightenment that we receive about how this software functions would be how it only places trades when there is a 99% probability that your investment will be in-the-money. So whether or not this software operates solely upon an investment algorithm or technical trading indicators we are unsure. One thing we are sure about though would be that this software sounds too good to be true and community feedback suggests that statement falls in accordance with this scam.

Bitcoin Millionaire – Scam or Profitable?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are dealing with another bitcoin trading scam. Embodying the form of a Bitcoin auto trader, Bitcoin Millionaire, is a malicious and deceptive auto trader. Why put your faith, time and money with an auto trader that lies to your face and claims some of the most unrealistic promises to date? Throughout our 4 years in this industry, we have yet to come across a trading software that can generate a consistent success rate of 75% let alone 99%. Don’t fall for this ridiculous get-rich-quick scheme!

BitcoinMillionaire Today is a SCAM!

Bitcoin Millionaire Verdict – Software Scam Exposed!

Empty promises and misleading paid actors are the backbone to this new online trading scam. Don’t believe any of the phony testimonials provided and make sure to avoid and report sources that are currently endorsing this auto trader as a legitimate trading system. It is obvious that those sources cannot be trusted and should be dealt with accordingly. When searching for an online trading software to test out, make sure you always conduct thorough research and trust your instincts.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Millionaire is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: bitcoinmillionaire.today

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