This Bitcoin Millionaire Today review will conclusively demonstrate – do not believe a word these villains say! Bitcoin has next to nothing to do with binary trading and those who opt to invest with these crooks will lose everything. The controversial Bitcoin crypto-currency is rarely out of the news nowadays, so it should come as no surprise that plenty of binary trading scammers are trying to also jump on the bandwagon. Bitcoin Millionaire Today review website is one of the most recent examples of these crooks attempting to manipulate this media exposure by luring fresh victims to invest in their scams. With the currency being especially popular with tech-savvy yet financially naive younger generations, even the most tenuous scams have a huge potential market.

Bitcoin Millionaire Today Scam Review :- Victor Gray & His $1bn Lie Exposed !!

OK at time of writing the crooks claim only to have made their ‘clients’ just over $900m since the Bitcoin Millionaire Today system was launched, but we may as well round that figure up because it’s absolute nonsense anyway. The incredibly poor quality marketing video is allegedly narrated by Victor Gray, a mathematical genius who just loves helping people realize their financial dreams. He’s such a philanthropist that he’s giving away a supposedly limited number of ‘free’ accounts to anyone willing to fund their trading accounts with a minimum of $250 of start up capital.

Regular readers should already be smelling a scam here but for the sake of the newbies (who this scam is trying to target), let’s run through a few flaws in this ludicrous back story. There’s simply no way any binary trading platform that cannot even be bothered to produce a proper marketing video will have generated such insane profits. If they had, the Bitcoin Millionaire Today software along with ‘Victor Gray’ would be huge news in the financial media. Funnily enough, neither the platform or the genius inventor has ever been mentioned in any respectable publication. Even more worryingly is that their entire online presence comprises complaints from hundreds of people who have been scammed! Hardly the best of starts.

Impossible Projected Earnings in Bitcoin Millionaire Today Website 

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to perform a quick check on how long any website has been running. A quick check of the Bitcoin Millionaire Today website domain shows that it has only existed since 06/30 2017 which at time of writing means it has been up for around ten weeks. That means that even if the presentation ‘movie’ had been published on the day we’re writing this review (it obviously hasn’t been) they’ve been generating over $90m a week in collective profits. Just take a look at the website and tell me that’s the kind of site you’d expect from a company with a $5bn annual wealth generation! Even worse they clearly doctor their ‘evidence’ for trading performance by forgetting that the markets aren’t open on weekends, yet somehow they’re raking in the dough! It is all total nonsense and this should be enough proof alone to demonstrate that the Bitcoin Millionaire Today program is a complete scam.

Even worse they clearly doctor their ‘evidence’ for trading performance by forgetting that the markets aren’t open on weekends, yet somehow they’re raking in the dough! It is all total nonsense and this should be enough proof alone to demonstrate that the Bitcoin Millionaire Today program is a complete scam.

99% Trading Success Rate? Yet Another Ludicrous Lie by Bitcoin Millionaire Team !!

BitCoin Millionaire Today Software

Let’s take a quick break away from the torrent of lies that ‘Victor Gray’ has so far been bombarding us with and step back into the real world. Genuine binary signals services (and there are a few out there!) do well to score around an 85% average trading success rate. By success, we’re talking often very small profits which – over time – can mount up quite nicely. There is no software in the world, and likely never will be, which is capable of winning 99% of trades. Claiming to do so runs contrary to the inherent volatility of the markets and undermines the golden rule that previous performance can never fully predict future trends. If the Bitcoin Millionaire Today Review App were capable of performing that well, Mr. Gray would be at the front of the queue for a Nobel prize for mathematics. He isn’t.

Not A Fully Automated System – Bitcoin Millionaire Today – Red Alert!

It should already be perfectly clear that Bitcoin Millionaire Today is a total fraud. Yet it is worth mentioning another reason why nobody should trust these crooks. The actual app is just a rehashed version of familiar exploit software that also features in many other ‘bottom of the barrel’ scams. In no sense whatsoever is this the unique proprietary masterpiece of a supposed world class mathematician. We’re told that anyone can use the Bitcoin Millionaire review software – no experience or knowledge required – and make a fortune because the app detects and trades upon its own signals. Fantastic as that sounds – it is a tried and tested technique used by almost every binary trading scam under the sun. ‘Fully automated’ is scam-speak for ‘you have no control’ and literally an invitation for these crooks to just steal all of your money. It really is that simple.

The Bitcoin Millionaire Today System – But They Can’t Just Vanish With My Money…

Bitcoin Millionaire Today Scam

Yes, they can and yes, they shall. Check out the tiny small print on the Bitcoin Millionaire Today website where they mention that dealing with them is high risk. That is rather contrary for a service offering an alleged 99% success rate. It also explains that they are matchmaking service to connect clients (victims) with their partner brokers who pay them a commission for the privilege of stealing your capital. Neither Bitcoin Millionaire Today App or their brokers are regulated, nor do they provide any direct contact or geographical details. As with most scams, they are going to be based in a region where such financial crimes are simply not investigated or penalized. Once they have absconded with your money there is no chance of ever getting it back.

Do Not Trust The Fake Bitcoin Millionaire Today Testimonials & Reviews 

People will do anything for money but Fiverr actors really have next to no scruples. Do not believe a word of the testimonials on the marketing movie claiming to be raking in five figure weekly incomes. If they were true you’d have thought they’d be filming in somewhere more palatial than a grotty student dorm. Once again this is a common trick used by binary trading scams. None of these people or reviews will ever have actually used the Bitcoin Millionaire Today software.

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Conclusion :- The Bitcoin Millionaire Today  is A Scam Crypto Currency System !!

So what does any of this actually have to do with Bitcoin? Absolutely nothing! Even the marketing movie barely mentions the currency, instead they’re happy to just show slide after side of the luxurious trappings of wealth – and of course, pay a few talking heads to fib on their behalf. Truth is that there is literally nothing even remotely credible about the Bitcoin Millionaire Today scam. It is simply an enormous pile of -to use a polite word – lies. Fact is that this scam is aimed squarely at trying to appeal to people hoping to get involved in the Bitcoin craze. Sorry to break the bad news but that ship sailed a few years ago.

Believing there is any kind of genuine correlation between the crypto-currency and binary trading is not just bizarre it is also entirely wrong. Consider the Bitcoin Millionaire Today blacklisted.


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