The Hour Benefit program might seem like a legit crypto trading system, but that is simply not true. There are so many scam factors present here that we barely know where to start. Anyway, we’re here doing this Hour Benefit review to provide you with fair warning. Don’t let this terrible crypto trading scam ruin your financial security!

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Who Is In Charge of Hour Benefit Software?

Perhaps the most suspicious aspect of is that it is totally anonymous and lacking clear leadership. Now, there is a little quote at the top of the website, one which supposedly uttered by the CEO of Hour Benefit software, George Carlin. Ok, so most of you probably recognize George Carlin as being one of the world’s greatest comedians. He passed away 10 years ago.

However, these crooks seem to think that they can use his name to attract people to this Hour Benefit trading scam. Rest assured folks, we tried finding the specific George Carlin that is supposed to be the CEO of this crypto trading system.

Yet, we were unable to locate him. Now, the fact that these criminals used a very famous name is actually quite smart on their behalf. It makes it nearly impossible to find any results other than those related to the real life comedian.

Seeing as there is no clear evidence that this particular George is a real guy, we have no choice but to say that this Hour Benefit app is anonymous. In other words, when you invest money with this crypto trading system, you really don’t know whose hands it is in, which is of course a massive problem. Any kind of cryptocurrency investment system that is anonymous is not to be trusted in the least.


Hour Benefit Trading App – How Does It Work?

We also have no idea how this Hour Benefit software is supposed to work to make money for us. We are never told about any kind of reliable trading strategy. There is also no mention of any kind of market analysis being performed, no algorithms, and no indicators either.

We are supposed to believe that this Hour Benefit software will generate massive piles of cash for us. However, we are never told how it actually works. This is a big problem, one that we just cannot get past.


Is The Hour Benefit System Profitable?

Folks, do you really think that you can make over 25% ROI per hour? This is what the Hour Benefit system claims to be able to provide you with, at least for the largest investment package. Now, making even a fraction of that amount is hard to do, especially day after day.

Sure, you can make some good money with the right crypto trading app, but not with a scam like this Hour Benefit trading scam. We have talked to tons of people out there and they all say the exact same thing. All money that is ever invested here simply disappears!

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Fake Hour Benefit Software Users!          

Yet another red flag that came to our attention about this Hour Benefit scam software is that the users are phonies too. There is a section on the website that features Hour Benefit user testimonials. For one, these reviews and testimonials are all overly positive. They sound more like a sales campaign that real testimonials. This is the first sign that they are fabricated.

Moreover, the Hour Benefit user testimonials are actually totally fake and made up out of thin air. We have seen the pictures of people used here in other marketing campaigns. These are stolen stock images. The people in the pictures do not even know that their images are being used for advertising purposes, at least not for this Hour Benefit scam. The bottom line is that these user testimonials cannot be trusted because they were created by the exact same people trying to sell us on this terrible crypto scam.

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Is Hour Benefit Trading Software A Ponzi Scheme?

The Hour Benefit system is undoubtedly a total Ponzi scheme. It has the classic makings of a classic Ponzi scheme. It guarantees huge returns without any proof. It is very vague and convoluted in terms of what it does, and it doesn’t have clear leadership either. Of course, nobody has ever received a payout, which is what Ponzi schemes do.

At the same time, the Hour Benefit program is also a pyramid scheme, which is not technically illegal, but definitely suspicious. You are supposed to get something like a 5% commission if you get other people to sign up and invest. It is an affiliate bonus program.

Obviously, these scammers just want you to do the heavy lifting. They are trying to get you to screw your own friends out of money without you even knowing it. However, what does make this pyramid scheme illegal is that they never pay out any of these bonuses. These Hour Benefit scam artists promise multiple revenue streams, but nothing ever materializes.


Hour Benefit Scam App – 30% DEPOSIT BONUS??

The anonymous crooks behind this Hour Benefit scam claim that you will get a 30% deposit bonus just for signing up and making an investment. Do you really think that this is true at all? When is the last time somebody gave you free money for nothing? For instance, if you invest $1,000, supposedly you will get something like $300 extra.

Apparently, every person who uses this app will get that free money. Hmm, well it seems like giving away that much free cash would probably bankrupt this entire system. Furthermore, every person we have talked to claims that they never got this 30% bonus.

However, everybody says that all of their money has gone missing, never to be seen again. FOLKS, NOBODY IS GOING TO JUST GIVE YOU ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR NOTHING IN RETURN! Life just does not work that way. The whole point of this Hour Benefit trading scam is to screw you out of your money, not to give you more of it.

hour benefit 30 lies

Hour Benefit Review – Conclusion

The Hour Benefit trading app is a rip off. It has the sole purpose of stealing your money. If you get mixed up with it, it will surely steal everything that you invest.

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