BitcoinCode is a rather new Bitcoin auto trading software that is guaranteeing astounding amounts of profit in amazingly short time span for traders who choose this software. Although this sounds very appealing and we can understand how it could draw the attention of many Bitcoin traders, this particular software appears to be just a scam, just as are others like it who claim the same things as BitcoinCode.

We have decided to write this review to show you exactly why we consider this trading particular software to be a scam product and how they market themselves to attract clients.

What is BitcoinCode Auto Trading?

According to Bitcoin Code website, this specific trading software claims to make millionaires out people by simply investing in their product. Through the video featured on their website homepage, it is never really specifically explained how this software actually is able to make that happen. There is no scientific principles that are able to justify the numbers mentioned on the website or in the video. The explanations are very vague and over the top generally.

The video is depicting a couple of BitcoinCode investors who are obviously actors which are paid to say rehearsed lines into the camera, while a male voice narrates in between the scenes with the ‘clients’. All of the things that they mention as being incredible as simply not possible, especially not in the financial and trading sector. This is usual tactics used by those who are representing themselves as legitimate companies or products while they are actually a scam.

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BitcoinCode Trading Software

Another interesting thing that very much implies it is a scam product, is the fact that this software was supposedly developed by a Steve McKay who says he is an ex-software developer of a very big firm, but also highlights that he is not able to disclose for which company he actually worked as a developer. This is a huge red flag, as you would expect that if someone has indeed an extensive experience in software development for a big firm they would gladly share their references so that potential clients might check them out and confirm that he is indeed a real person.

Keep in mind that the workings of this particular software are never actually explained, although this should be the first step in attracting clients if this was not a scam company. They also boast with incredible revenue which is obviously false and another confirmation that this is a scam product.

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BitcoinCode Success Rate

BitcoinCode guarantees $13,000 in exactly 24 hours. Anyone who has ever been even remotely associated with Bitcoin or any other type of financial product or trading can tell that this is very much a false promise. The testimonials in the video on the homepage of this scam product are only serving to confirm our hypothesis even further.

All of the people in the video have very clearly had to learn their false lines and repeat them to the camera. One thing, in particular, is also very interesting about the video and the product itself, is that throughout the website and its content there is always a voice or a written sentence reminding potential investors that this is a limited offer. This is one of the most obvious scam particles that these types of companies use to attract unsuspecting clients.

BitcoinCode Review Conclusion

Everyone who is considering entering the trading industry for the first time, but even the more experienced traders alike, should take great precaution when considering a trading software or a company to do business with. During this review, we have found BitcoinCode to be full of typical scam characteristics and as is our intention, we are warning readers to consider carefully all points before deciding to invest any funds in this specific cryptocurrency trading software.

Despite the bold claims of enormous profits and amazingly short time in which investors can supposedly achieve this, the software still isn’t explained properly nor is the product analyzed in a concrete way so that the prospective clients can really gain insight into the BitcoinCode.

BitcoinCode doesn’t have any customer support at all, which is another thing to consider as a red flag. If you do end up searching for the support you can find the link on the bottom of the page, but when you click it, it only loopholes back at the top of the homepage again. We think that these are enough reasons to categorize BitcoinCode as a cryptocurrency scam product and investors should be very careful when considering to do business with this company.

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