seems to be a one of the newest additions to the trading software ‘family’ on the internet. Like most similar trading softwares of this type, it is promising and guaranteeing incredible profit in less than one day. This certainly sounds like an extremely attractive idea and it will undoubtedly attract many unsuspecting traders who are hoping for a quick and easy ‘getting rich’ plan with cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately, they won’t have a lot of luck with this product.

This particular bitcoin software has all the markings of a scam product like do many others that can be found circling around. As we will demonstrate in this scam review, is a typical scam product and it isn’t even made well so it is fairly easy to figure out that it is definitely a scam. We will be going over several important points for you to figure out why this particular software is a scam product and what about the product marketing reveals this to be so.

Fair Binary Options Review Team has never used this software for trading. This review is written based solely on the information available on the products website and embeded video.

What is a Bitcoinmillionaire Robot Software?

If we go by what is said on the website, this particular bitcoin trading robot claims that it can and will make you rich in a matter of days. The only information source provided on the website is actually a video recording of a person named Steve who, after a long line of images that contrast a life of a poor person and a wealthy one, says that he has been so desperate before he found the bitcoin robot and now he owns his apartment and has a great, large income.

Unfortunately, throughout the video, there isn’t even one instance where traders are able to figure out how exactly does this software work. There are no valid explanations on how it has been made, except a vague mention of algorithms who were, supposedly set up to register only those trades that have at least 90% chance of success. The person who owns the website and the software is called Victor Gray and it is clearly a made up person along with all of the ‘proof’ of income placed into the video. The thing that we also see quite often in scam products is the claim that they are not like ‘other scam products’ when it is clear as day that they are following the same old scam scheme like the others.

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bitcoin millionaire 3Bitcoinmillionaire Trading Software

As we mentioned earlier, the supposed developer of this claimed to be, brilliant product is someone under the name Victor Gray who right of the bat promises that you will make $2440 on bitcoin in less than 1 day – or at least that is what it says on his website. He also says that the software he has developed will be yours for free.

Now, this is a huge red flag that clearly indicates a scam product. To clarify, not all free products are scam product, obviously. Many great binary options robot, forex robot and also bitcoin robots are free of charge as the companies who run the software get their commissions from brokers that you are going to have to deal with. Victor Gray presents this as something companies shouldn’t do and he doesn’t do it but never actually says how his company makes money if he’s just giving away his product.

Another very interesting thing that he also says on the video is that he has decided that only those who ‘deserve’ this chance in life are able to enter his website and use his software. I am sure that you will agree with us when we say that this is a ridiculous statement as it is impossible for him to know who is visiting his website and even if he could, how does he decide exactly who is deserving and who is not? This is a typical marketing ploy to scam unsuspecting clients of their hard earned money.

Bitcoinmillionaire Success Rate

As we already mentioned further up in the review, guarantees you the profit of $2440 a day. If you have ever had any contact with any financial service promoted and sold on online and even offline, you will be able to tell that this is a huge false promise. The way in which the promotional video is set up really just confirms everything w have concluded about this product.

Another ridiculous claim is located on top of their website where it says that from the launch of their total client earnings have been $943,567,234,098. We are confident that this obviously a lie as there is no way that this software could have generated this amount regardless of the number of users it has.

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Bitcoinmillionaire Review Conclusion

We believe that it is extremely important to be educated when entering any type of business and this, of course, includes various automated robots and platforms. This is a great advice regardless of how much experience you might have in online financial trading as new products are being launched on a daily basis and it is very hard to keep track of all of them.

During this review, we hope we have helped you gain some insight into why we believe that traders should stay away form this particular automated software. Make sure you read other detailed reviews when looking for a trading robot, or any type of financial software.

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