There are many people who prefer to buy fresh cut flowers from the local florist but most of them cut them from their garden. flowers comes in different colors and shapes, this way you can have number of choices you can choose from so as to make the required arrangement you want. Once you cut the flowers from plant their life expectancy also cuts down. But you can do one thing to keep them living for long, keep them in the water. Do not put the cut flowers in front of the heaters or any electrical devices like computer or TVs. Cut flowers stay fresh and look really vibrant if you will keep them into the direct sunlight and out of the drafts.

The main cause of the deterioration of flowers is bacteria. So please make sure that your vase and water are clean prior use. Adding some proper plant food to the arrangement will make your bouquet really healthy. And if you will add some warn water to the bouquet then your flowers will get open faster.

There are few flowers which really need special care. And if you will trim the stem on a certain angle then your flower will long for last, actually it allows water to flow through the stem. Flowers normally have woody stem and they survive for long if these stem are crushed and then split it to allow water to flow easily through the stem. Keep all these things in mind when you think of fresh cut flowers.

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Source by Harry Richard