When we use asp.net we have different language option available there are some of these language vb.net, c # .net, perl etc.So its depend upon the programmer which language they have all different syntax and language have there own characteristics. In this article I have taken vb.net and c # .net. Some people likes vb.net simple style and some of people likes C # syntaxes. But the similar thing is that both of them using the same platform that is .net framework but there are some important difference between c # and vb.net:-

In vb.net we have optional parameters which help in the development of COM interoperability. In vb.net we can use construct which is not available in c # .net Another feature of vb.net is late binding with Option Strict off .We can also use VB functionalities that can be used by using Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace Another one of most beautiful feature of vb dot net is that it compiles code in the background so this is considered an advantage for small projects, people creating very large projects have found that the IDE slows down considerably as the project gets larger.

Now comes to c # .net in this now we can generate XML documentation from source code but this is now being incorporated in Whidbey another good feature that is include in c # .net is operator overloading which is not avail ab.net and we use this statement which helps use to get unmanaged resource disposal simple. In c # .net we can access to Unsafe code which allows pointer arithmetic and we can also improve performance in some situations.We can take it lightly because of the normal safety of C # is lost so unmanaged code in C # and not in VB.NET .

So these are the some of most elegant differences between vb.net and c # dot net that make them different.

Source by Adam Sturo