Many internet marketers would probably ask themselves this question at some time or other: "Can I really make money on the internet?" You may already have tried your hand at it or you now want to consider it. You would have heard people say that only 10% of those who get into it succeed. Some even say that it is only 5%. The point is if 5% or 10% can make it, how can you make sure that you are one of those?

It is a fact that some people make it. So you should be able to learn it from how these people are doing it, and there is no shortage of products that say they will teach you how to make money on the internet.

Easier said than done. The internet is a very noisy place. You can search the net on how to make money online and you will get many different possibilities. Then there will be this typical subscription box that will be on the page or float in telling you that you will get some information or tool for free that will tell you everything there is to know. Since, it is free, typically people will subscribe as they are interested in making money on the internet.

Now that you have subscribed, you will get an email to confirm that you asked to subscribe. This is a good thing as it helps avoid spam. You will only get information if you opt in. Then you are given access to some report or tool. There are good reports and there are rehashed reports. Assuming it is a good report, you learn something. If you are a complete newbie at this, you probably still will not know the next action. Typically, most tools handle only some specific aspect. If you needed such a tool, then you can use it and get value from it. If not, people will probably archive it somewhere in case they can use it in future. If you are a little familiar, you could take some action but still there will be some nagging questions. The question "Can I really make money on the internet?" arises again.

After you have opted in, you will then start getting emails. Some of these internet marketers are generous with the kind of information they provide and you can take some actions. It is only fair that for their contribution, they will send emails that promote certain products. Some of these pages are so good, that it can be difficult to resist purchasing the product immediately. Of course, there are testimonials but sometimes you wish there could a comparison with other products that you can see before you decide to purchase.

So you get the product. Unfortunately some of these sales pages read as if there is little or almost nothing you need to do to make money online. Whatever the sales page leads you to think, take note that there is work to be done. There are people who like what they read in the sales page and buy the product. After reading, some action will be required. You think that you will get to it later, but another exciting web page or email will appear in front of you, and the whole cycle begins again. Purchase the product and no action. Ask yourself "Can I really make money on the internet?" at this point in time. If no action is taken, there will be no money to be made.

To be fair, a lot of people take action, but they find that the product handles only one aspect of the whole internet marketing angle. You might get a whole bunch of freebies thrown in to help, but it is so difficult to get the whole thing to hang together. For some products, you will find help from forums, but many a time you really wish you had a mentor to what you can ask specific questions. Unfortunately there are even mentor programs that do not live up to expectations.

So to the question "Can I really make money on the internet?", The answer is "yes". The challenge is in finding a product or a program where information, guidance and tools are presented in a manner that is easy to follow. It will be much better if there is some kind of mentoring that you can get along with the rest of the stuff. With the products, actions and a bit of patience, you certainly should be able to make money on the internet.

Source by Regina Maniam